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  1. splakeshaker


    I bought a 2014 expedition 550f and I absolutely love it. Nice wide track that has gotten me though some slushy spots weighted down with heavy gear and a passenger that my old sled wouldn't have made it through. It may be a bit underpowered for some but if your just going ice fishing with it, it's a dream. And affordable compared to the higher end sleds of that model. I'd definitely recommend the expedition
  2. splakeshaker

    Lx7 guys. Got a question for ya.

    Thanks guys!! I'll be checking it out on Sunday!!
  3. splakeshaker

    Lx7 guys. Got a question for ya.

    Well. I've been using a vex fl12 for years. Just bought a lx7 gritting my teeth. I bought it over the fl28 for a couple reasons. 1. Because it has the most wattage on the market and I fish deep waters often. 2. Because of the options it has that vexilar doesnt/can't. My question is for the lx7 peeps that use the graph. What are your opinions of the graph while ice fishing?? Has made any real difference for you seeing what's going on or does it not really matter? Compared to the flashers and showdown features. Just looking for insight. I Know I'll draw my own conclusions in time but thought I'd ask opinions. Thanks
  4. splakeshaker

    Frabill Sidestep Shelter

    I love the concept. I hope it's the future of flip overs. I'll get one in a couple years After the bugs are worked out. I hate fumbling over my gear and kicking snow in my holes to get out.
  5. We just started fishing Lake Superior this year and need to upgrade the electronics that came with the boat we bought...We are considering the Lowrance HDS-5 Gen2 GPS Sonar Combo..I'm not really looking for a lot of bells and whistles. I'm after a unit that has compatibility to the best mapping software of Lake Superior and has a descent sonar/graph that'll read a thermocline, fish, baitfish, and of course bottom structure..I'm not so interested in digital imaging unless I'm really missing the boat on the concept..I'm not very educated with the latest sonar technology and any suggestions from mapping software to which units best suit our needs would be great..I have a budget of $1200 but would prefer to keep it less (or much less)than that.. Thanks for your input.
  6. splakeshaker

    Brookies through the ice

    Go as natural as possible. Deadstick a plain small hook tipped with a salted minnow or minnow head on 2 lb test line.. Being this late in the year, they are very tentitive.
  7. splakeshaker

    Rapala buys Strikemaster

    I asked strikemaster if they were going to stay in Big Lake on facebook. The vague answer I received was.. "We are still trying to ship product and finish up this season!!!!" I think some major changes are on the way.
  8. splakeshaker

    What arrow do you shoot?

    Beaman ICS with a G5 striker is my combo..No reason to change.
  9. splakeshaker

    Why do you Ice fish?

    Fishing to me has been always about relaxing and letting go of stresses. It's not about the fish but having a line in the water. Catching fish is fun too..Don't get me wrong, I'll keep my limit of decent fish. Hunting however has changed for me. I was all about the experience but I'm starting to shift towards the fill the freezer mentality..If I can put down a deer for a $30 tag or 2 for another bonus tag. Fill up my freezer and have nice steaks and roasts for my family, I feel like I won at the game of life....
  10. splakeshaker

    Handheld GPS units?

    thanks guys.
  11. splakeshaker

    Handheld GPS units?

    I'm new to the whole iphone thing so here's my question. If I download the navonics app, do I need to be in cell phone range in order for it to work? I usually fish where there is no reception and not sure if the iphone gps system runs off the satellites or 3G.
  12. splakeshaker


    Yea..it's probably [PoorWordUsage].
  13. splakeshaker

    Whining about Sunflower Heaters

    I meant..Intro Music..lol
  14. splakeshaker

    Ice Fishing Party Suggestions

    I love the fire pit idea and gotta have lots of food...If the flags start popping..everyone will refocus their attention..Bring some rods too...
  15. splakeshaker

    Whining about Sunflower Heaters

    Exactly....I always looked at as into music!!!