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  1. Great work. Tell me where I can find those rod holders?
  2. I think the new style rod and gear bags are very useful. They are the next evolutionary step in ice fishing from an efficiency standpoint. So much easier to stay organized with them and helps keep rod tip from breaking. [added by editor: Link to our sponsors bag and it's a darn good rod and gear bag; The Revolution rod & gear bag - CLICK HERE ]
  3. Oh yeah, I don't want to hear about Otter purple huts or green and gold huts, being a Bears fan we feel lucky just to have a bucket out there. It's been that kind of year. Great game going on right now though, 2:00 minutes left and tied up.
  4. Thing is, is the opening in the back of the hut, I mean on the sled side? curious how that will work.
  5. See, this is what I mean when I say this is a great ice fishing site! I have learned more good fishing tips here then I ever thought possible, and now I know what to use on that stupid dry crack I get on my thumb every ice season. Good stuff. (Now if we only had a cream for those snowmobilers who fly by too close, they really chap my *** .)
  6. Excellent idea Basspastor.
  7. Well I work in the tuna biz and one day I was ....
  8. I mean I am from Chapstick Minnesoat and....
  9. When I was a kid I met this chap with a stick.
  10. See, that's why I take my dog along sometimes. Not every dog is a problem, not every 'hard' water fisherman is a joy.
  11. Ya know, why in the world did I pick this name? My first name isn't even Chuck.
  12. I have a two year old Atlantis I will sell you for $100. Only problem is you will hate me forever.
  13. smart. Is it just me or does anyone else notice how ice fishermen can tinker with just about anything and make it better? I get great ideas from these forums.
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