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  1. I've got the same dimensions and I wear an XL easily.
  2. blueroof

    Ice Fishing Reels...

    What's the difference between the Tica Cetus SE and the SS and SB? I heard it has a spare aluminum spool. From the pictures I've seen, the SE's look like they have a new handle and body design too.
  3. blueroof

    Do you prefer company, or alone?

    If I'm fishing, I often prefer to be alone. If I'm catching, I want all my fishing buddies in the boat with me to share the thrill.
  4. blueroof

    The Best Way To Hold A Fish

    I like to hold them longitudinally and not in latitudinal orientation...
  5. blueroof

    Good Beers

    I haven't had too many beers that are bad IMO. Moose Drool and Samuel Smith are good brown ales. Some good smaller midwest breweries I subscribe to are: Bell's New Glarus Viking Brewing Company Rush River Schell's
  6. blueroof

    Camp fire cooking

    I absolutely love the Cee Dub campfire cooking show. He uses a Dutch Oven in complete silence better than anyone!
  7. blueroof

    How Many Cranks......?

    The Woodbury and Forest Lake Gander Mtn clearance tables pretty much always look like a bomb went off. I got some salmo's a couple of weeks ago, but it was hard digging.
  8. blueroof

    Humminbird vs vexilar

    If setup correctly, pretty much right in the middle of the pack. They all get the job done well.
  9. blueroof

    Genmar making tin boats again

    Or a Chinese hull shipped over and assembled.
  10. blueroof

    Whats the difference between .....

    I believe the converter will rectify a poor waveform better than the charger, providing a more predictable performance while using a cheap generator.
  11. Thought this might be interesting for some of you... Genmar getting back into aluminum boats Thursday, 25 September 2008 10:12 Genmar is planning to re-enter the aluminum boat market, with plans to have the as-yet-unnamed company up and running in a new factory during the first quarter of 2010. “After carefully assessing and evaluating the aluminum boat market over the past several months, we’ve concluded there is a major need, along with great opportunities, in the aluminum boat segment of the fishing and recreational boat market,” Genmar chairman Irwin Jacobs said in a letter sent yesterday to dealers. Genmar previously manufactured Lund, Crestliner and Lowe aluminum boats. Jacobs said he believes today’s aluminum boats are overpriced, with some even retailing for higher than equally equipped fiberglass fishing boats of identical size. “It is Genmar’s intention to substantially decrease the wholesale and retail prices in all of the aluminum boat segments of the market,” Jacobs said. “I believe the only way that Genmar can once gain become the industry in aluminum boats is for us to basically change the entire way aluminum boats are presently priced, manufactured and marketed to dealers and to the retail-boat buying consumers,” he added. The name of the new company will be announced late next year or early in 2010, though a location for the new boat factory should be announced in 2009. Genmar plans to initially offer dealerships to existing Genmar dealers and to past dealers of Genmar’s former aluminum boat lines. “With the above proposed commitment from Genmar, it is obvious that we are very optimistic about the future of the boating industry and believe that the recreational boating market will once again be re-emerging bigger and better than ever,” Jacobs concluded. Genmar’s current boat lines include: Four Winns, Carver Yachts, Ranger Boats, Wellcraft and Larson, among others.
  12. At the right speed, I do feel that a heavier line holds the bait higher from the drag. The extra stiffness also plays into the presentation too. Depends on your line density also, lots of factors to play around with.
  13. I agree with sled. When the opportunity presents itself with a hot bite, I run a heavier leader if possible too. Also, a heavier leader will present your bait in a different way. Heavier leaders tend to hold you bait a bit higher, especially when rigging on the move.
  14. blueroof

    The Best Way To Hold A Fish

    I've heard the same, however, I believe it applies mostly to fairly big fish. I don't believe lipping a bass is a big problem.
  15. blueroof

    How do you attach your reels?

    Locally harvested birch bark and pine resin.