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  1. Anyone have suggestions on a seasonal campground in NW Wisconsin with ATV trail access on a good fishing lake?
  2. Looking for suggestions on a seasonal campground in NW Wisconsin. Would like something on a good fishing lake and that also has ATV trail access.
  3. You can use wire or a #14 mono line, fasten it to a split ring by pinching on a leader clevis or by tying on. Then adjust to the length you want and attach to the treble by using a leader clevis. After you've tied a bunch up, dip the split ring into plasti-dip, hang and let dry.
  4. Does anyone know of a good place to buy or order colored hair for tying hair jigs?
  5. I currently have an old HECO witch is nice when you cant use a sled type shelter. Although I am looking at buying a Frabill Preditor, they seem to be well built and comfortable.
  6. Just wondering if the roll-on type truck bed liner could be put in an alum. boat? I read the can and it doesn't say anything about aluminum. I thought by putting this in my boat it would make for a sound deadening non-slip surface and perhaps sealing any leaking rivets.
  7. Thanks! Mudhole will work out great for what I need.
  8. I'm looking to build some rods for personal use, and gifts. There is supposed to be a place in WI where you can buy factory 2nd and slightly defective rod blanks by the bundle. But I can't seem to find the name or location of this place. Does anyone know of this place?
  9. What's the water levels like around Bayfield?
  10. Getting to the lake early enough to get the boat in with out a wait, and a good place to park the truck. Almost like the duck opener, at 4:00am there's 50 trucks in line to drop their boats.
  11. Congrats! You're not alone, My wife is due in August. My first, her second.
  12. One of my favorite places is the Anchor Inn Resort on Little Sand Lake in Spring lake township Itaska County. It offers a wide varity of fishing, There is the river out front of the resort with a bridge to fish off for the times you don't want to take the boat out. Then by boat you have the option to fish the small lake witch is nice on the windy days, or the big lake. Thies waters have great Walleye, Panfish, and pike fishing. It's allso with in a short drive from the Cutfoot Souix fishing dock and the Dora Lake fishing pier. They are listed in the Explore minnesota web site.
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