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  1. For this really being my second year going out after geese and ducks, we had a great year. Started with a bang on opening day with 5 guys, 5 kids 1st grade and under and a limit of geese. I can't remember seeing kids have so much fun hunting before. I hunted maybe 15 times this year and can only think of 2 that we didn't have some kids with us. It is great to have permission from a farmer with very productive fields just minutes from home and a good neighbor to get me involved in it again. I don't even mind the slow hunts. Plenty of good conversations and its pretty fun learning the ins and outs alongside my 2 boys. -Hossienda
  2. Are there any floor vents or something like that there? I had a lab that for years had no problem going across a floor vent in an older house and then one day she went over it and air starting coming out. She never went over it again. The bonus was she no longer tried eating the cat food... -Hossienda
  3. Thanks for the replies. I do believe I have been convinced that a smallie that size is not a regular occurence and would look great in his room! His little brother might be a little dissapointed since he did catch the biggest fish of the weekend with an assist from Dad, a carp on a kids pole that was way more than the neighbors 24lb scale! Never caught a carp at the cabin before... Once I get the pics from my brother I will try and get them posted. It was quite a day. -Hossienda
  4. Hey Guys, I am wondering what you all consider a mountable smallie? I enjoy catching them, but have not really ever targeted them and never caught one over 16". While up at the family cabin this weekend my 5yo was on the dock and caught the biggest one I have ever seen. It came in at 21" and was just a beast. After measuring and snapping some pictures she was released to bite another day. Is that one that you would consider having a replica made?? Thanks, -Hossienda
  5. I have a 6.5 x 12 house and I would like to insulate the floor. Spray foam would be my preference, but I don't know if that needs to be 'covered' so to speak with another sheet of plywood or if it can be left exposed?? Anyone got any thoughts? Or am I better off just going with the pink board insulation? Thanks, -Hossienda
  6. Yes you can take the doe with your firearm license. There is not one "primary" tag between the different licenses. He has taken a buck with bow in a managed area. The firearm license has not been used therefore he can take the doe in the lottery area. -Hossienda
  7. Lawdog, I can see some of your confusion here and I have some as well. Page 64 in the book discusses the use of bonus tags but to me I am disappointed in it. Bonus permits • Bonus permits are available to archery, firearms, and muzzleloader hunters to take antlerless deer in designated areas. • One bonus permit may be used per year in a managed deer area. Up to four bonus permits may be used in intensive deer areas and some special hunts. • Bonus permits are valid for archery, muzzleloader or firearms, but hunters must have the appropriate regular license for the area, season, and method they are using. • Bonus permits are not valid in lottery deer areas. I wonder if there were maybe some unintended consequences of the language here. I would like to be able to take a buck by archery in an intensive harvest area and also be able to hunt (archery)my friends property which is a lottery to try and take a doe but I guess that is not an option. I am not going to address hunting different seasons/weapons as I believe that muddy's the water too much. -Hossienda
  8. Just want to politely point out that it was noted in the original post that the deer taken was in an intensive harvest area. -Hossienda
  9. No problem 96. It didn't hurt either to have attended a luncheon yesterday where the local Alexandria CO was the guest speaker. He did a 1 hour presentation/discussion on rules and regs and took plenty of time after to talk with anyone who wanted to stick around. It was an excellent opportunity for me to improve the knowledge I already had. -Hossienda
  10. The answer to if he can take an anterless deer in a lottery area with a muzzleloader license is on page 64 of the regulation book at the top. It states: "If you buy only a muzzleloader license and not a firearm license, you can take an either sex deer statewide." It also says "If you buy a firearm and muzzleloader license, the license is valid for buck only unless successful in the lottery." Hope this helps. -Hossienda
  11. Not wanting to sound like an one-who-thinks-I-am-silly here, but what do you guys do with the dead coyote? I have seen mention of people being concerned with keeping the hide in good shape. I know of some people that essentiall just shoot them and leave them lay and others that shoot them and then dispose of them without doing anything else. I find the idea of hunting them very intriguing, but would prefer not to just leave them lay. Thoughts?? -Hossienda
  12. Scoot, Thanks for the outstanding story. Each update has been eagerly anticipated on my part. You have a great ability to "reach" your readers. I felt like I was there with you guys! Congratulations on an excellent adventure and the writing of a great short story. -Hossienda
  13. Hossienda

    Auger Rack

    Ok. So I was on the Mad Dog site and they had a specific auger rack, but cost was like $55. Is that what you are referring to or is it one of the Fin Grip systems?? -Hossienda
  14. Hossienda

    Auger Rack

    I am looking for a rack accessory to hold my auger. Is the Mad Dog one a standard thing that I could find at a Fleet Farm or something?? Thanks, -Hossienda
  15. Hossienda

    Auger Rack

    Hey Guys, I am looking for some insight in to auger racks. I am new to the world of ATV's and would like to get a rack, but am not sure what might be out there. Are there any that you guys have found to be especially good?? Thanks, -Hossienda
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