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  1. Anyone know where one might be able to rent a lime spreader with at least a 40lb hopper?
  2. Anyone have experience with a lymes doctor in north metro area? Thanks
  3. Bought a c-fish for the kid at the end of last year and like it a lot. For the price it is tough to beat.
  4. Put in for redfield rebates last fall on a scope and range finder, never seen a penny, wrote them and no answer. Anyone else get stiffed or recieved thier rebates?
  5. dogs

    Bolin Marine Hong Kong

    Just checked with yamaha and it is a version of a scam, others have called yamaha and stated they had been took,same pictures different bussiness name. Thanks
  6. Looking at a new yamaha 20hp, there is an outfitt that will ship to your door at a price that is 1500.00 cheaper that anywhere around here. Anyone ever deal with this Bolin Marine?
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. Hate sound uncaring and hijack your thread, but how was the fishing? Would like to run out there one more time this year. thanks dogs
  8. dogs

    Grow lights

    Thanks guys
  9. dogs

    Ever use a fungacide?

    Make sure to contact a doctor if after 4 hours after watering with that viagra river water your hose does not go limp enough to wind it up. As per the comment "Granted I don't watch much TV... But you think about all of that Dancing with the Stars and American Idol... When you put a value on it compared to "Doing something for yourself."" A tip of the hat to you. I think my garden cost me more money than I save. But the opportunity to be constantly putzing with ideas, quality of stuff one grows and not ever knowing who is one those shows more than makes up for it.
  10. dogs

    Grow lights

    If any of you folks use grow lights when starting plants, what type of lights do you use?
  11. dogs

    Devils Lake

    Heading out there Sunday, big piece of water, interesting structure. Not much for crowds
  12. I assume you also have kid at NDSU. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.
  13. Thanks for the post, been there twice, the place grows on you. Will be up there kids spring break, in march.
  14. dogs

    new plot

    Hope you are taking advantage of the flooding and have some Swamp White Oaks.