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  1. thanks, i'll use that hair dryer trick and try that. I decided go with wraps again. I just thought that the paint might cause to many other weight issues, chips off, etc. But i would like to hear any experices with dipping arrows. Just to know. Thanks
  2. I just purchased my new arrows for the season and i've always fletched my own arrows. I've always used 7" wraps in the past and have had great luck with them. But the issue comes down to having to replace the wrap everytime i wanta refletch the arrow. I've been reading more into Arrow Dipping and am looking for information on how the paint holds up when refletching the arrow?
  3. like stated earlier there are many different ways to look at it. I use a soft loc alpine archery quiver and they make a screwin attatchmnet that the quiver snaps into so you can attach any where you'd like. I like to place it on the side of the tree with the fletchings pointed away. this way i can quickly remove an arrow and nock it with little movement. but there are my different gagets out there.
  4. I have used lumenok in my gold tip pro hunters and love them. There is no question where you hit or miss that deer. I have used the same one for the last three seasons and shot one doe and one buck with it, and also missed another doe. But with the miss it was no question i was not on target. I know there are now lots of different brands and kinds, and everyone has their opion. so do some research and find what works the best for you. I'd check websites for reviews and read specs for more details. But i do recommend them in all hunting situations where able.
  5. My father just took two turkeys this last weekeend in Neb with a 20ga. youth model. Its in the family for years, my brother shot his first tureky with it until he grew out if it. 3" #5 hevi shot did the ticket. With a super full choke. That is the way to go. My brother even took his first turkey with the 20ga. at 59 yrds. It was one of those I told him get ready and in the excitement he thought i told to shoot. Two bb's the the for head later and that was it for that turkey. It was the most amazing thing i've seen. (not recommending that distance for any gun) But the 20 is a great gauge for all hunting.
  6. This weekend was a learning weekend. I found out sat night that all last week there was a group in on the land i hunted. so that explained them not responding to calling saturday. With rain and more rain sunday. i just struggled, but thats turkey hunting. I just hope everyone else has better luck then i did this year.
  7. i'm thinking i might go pick on up too! Great Story.
  8. NICE! Its amazing how it can work out in your favor sometimes. Especailly when they leave their g/f's for a new one at the end of your barrel.
  9. is it Saturday yet? I can't wait, two years ago i shot a big one. I hope this year i can do the same.
  10. I'm hunting this weekend near Granite Falls. I just got back from Kansas which was a wet and windy bust. But This weekend will be a different story. i'm going to hunt till i get one this weekend.
  11. I hunted the pine ridge area two years ago in the Chadron area. I hope your in shape. some areas get very steep. The birds when we were out their didnt' gobble at all. I hope its better for you guys. We were out there for five days and heard 3 gobbles, but ended up with two birds. The birds didn't respond to any calling, the only way we got close is to stalk em. WE got as high up as we could and spotted them and put the sneek on them. But again that was two years ago. Plus get ready for the wind. Good luck and enjoy, its very pretty out that way.
  12. Sounds like there are going to be a few people out in the woods in the next week.
  13. It's tough to tell untill you get your hands on it and sort it out. I've seen split beards, were i would of paid money that coming in i swore it was a double. So you'll have to wait till wed to find out. But good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  14. any time you get in the woods it a great day.
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