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  1. dakotakid31

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    Thats funny all of those post are about how ignorant i am and how i shouldnt judge....hmmmm..thats alright you guys can though. How is it judging when he did the crime-i could see if they didnt have proff it was him but thats not the case. Never once in any of my post did i say i was perfect mr. UPNORTH. not once. But i can say for a fact that none of my mistakes have caused anyone thier life,bodily harm or finacialy ruined them. You are so quick to judge(funny your lesson skipped yourself) ya ever think maybe i am so sinical because the effects its had. You lose a friend and his wife to a KNOB that decided to get hopped up on drugs and wiskey because his wife left him(because he was an alcy) and try to have a heart for these fools. This was about drugs-sorry never gonna feel sorry for them no matter what thier story. Thats the whole point you need to hit rock bottem before you hurt or kill someone and come to the reliezation that drugs or alcho are not the solution to lifes problems. I was saying the decision to do drugs is so stupid no matter what!! And yes i think people can change but if you do it after the fact what good is that. Bring people back? no heal wounds?no. And yes i have drug a friend kicking,hitting and crying the whole way to the hospital. He changed and fully admits what a KNOB he was. Now i need to go convince myself to feel sorry for murderers,rapist and child molesters because hey they had problems they couldnt deal with and i shouldnt be so ignorant or judge. Signed Mr. Perfect
  2. dakotakid31

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    No "sympathy" coming from me dude. Have someone inocent,minding thier own killed by a KNOB that makes the choice. Dont care about sob stories-everyone has bumps in life-its how you choose to deal with them. You may be changed men now but you were deffinetly KNOBS back then.
  3. dakotakid31

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    Yeah they make the choice. Or does someone shove it up thier nose or down thier throat or light the pipe for them? Will power and just plain having a brain. And no the day i become a druggie or alcohlic will never come-my family is way more important!
  4. dakotakid31

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    What a knob!!! I hope rock bottem is still to come.(As far as it can go) I never have and never will feel sorry for people that choose to make decisions as poor as that. Crack ,meth how on earth are people that du mb? They deserve the life they chose. Say no to drugs kids!!
  5. dakotakid31

    deer hunting public land way up north

    I hunt a few miles away from Emily. No shortage of hunters but like you said there is alot of land.
  6. dakotakid31

    SODAK Reports

  7. dakotakid31

    SODAK Reports

    4 days 60 pheasents,25 grouse, 10 huns-4 guys 1 gal and 4 dogs corn was all in the feilds and had zero effect on our way of hunting. Dont let the corn scare ya or be your escuse(sp).
  8. dakotakid31

    1st grouse hunt

    Our cabin is in the same area and i have been doing very well the past few years. I go after em . Flush em and if ya miss or dont get a shot go in the direction they flew-they are not that smart and dont always fly to far. Take your time and let the pup do its job. You say the ATV dudes seen more but apparently they didnt get any-to much work to walk and to much work to get off thier lazy a$$ load the gun and shoot the bird. They are getting out of control up there. We have a wheeleer at the cabin but i never once considered using it for hunting.
  9. Dont gut. Just keep them as neat as possible,wash any blood off.
  10. dakotakid31

    Golden Breeders

    Top Brass are in his lines.
  11. dakotakid31

    Where does a guy go to get a rifle Bore Sitted

    yes they do it(Gander). not sure if the price is different but to mount a scope and bore site was $25.
  12. dakotakid31

    rifle opener

    i will be south of Remmer with 50 others who cant read the "no motorized vehicles" sign.
  13. dakotakid31

    Grouse shot?

    I like 6. i hunt thick stuff and it works great and it takes down sky high crows very well. I would never ground pound a bird dont see the point takes the fun right out of it but have hunted with guys that have no problem doing it just not my thing.
  14. I must hunt a different breed of pheasents. There is a reason the are on the roads in the morning and then again in the evening. They go in feed,get pebbles,go roost,go back in late afternoon early eveing feed again,go back out for pebbles go roost. I would walk the edge in the morning then spend the rest of the time in the cattails. I have been hunting Central SD for 21 years and we never hunt corn-have access to hundreds of acres but swamps,highgrass and tree lines are way more fun and effective.