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  1. There is two jigs in pic this combo was very hot for my daughter and I last year. Only one I have please help us find them!!!!!
  2. jkjkoda

    How long did your Trophy Rock last?

    Mineral rock on left. Same weight of just a salt lick right side. They almost always hit the salt. Both lasted about six months but rain took most of both blocks. No trace left but they are really tearing the ground up were both were more pics after both were gone though.12 year old Daughter named this buck LS (little stinker) Sat. He was at this site Sun. at other site. we pick wrong spot both days.
  3. jkjkoda

    Any game camera pictures yet?

    Just a Few on minneral site.
  4. jkjkoda

    My daughter needs Help.

    Well Jamie and I need your help once again decideing on a lake to fish with a guide. Recently Jamie and I won a guided fishing trip with Steve Carney At Fish Fair. Any where we wont with in an Hour of Home (crystal). Decided On walleye need a lake? Hopeing to get a good education so millaces or Tonka is out. would like smaller Lake like Pulaskie any other Ideals???? Our time is from 6am to 10am.
  5. jkjkoda

    HUGE Trout

    How cool!! we all dream of having a fish that big!! So cool when it looked as tho the fish would't fit in the hole.
  6. jkjkoda

    Which winch to buy??

    anybody have a bucket they use. Are they better than the plow for snow. Never Had one so don't know.
  7. jkjkoda

    First Coyote!

    Hit it hard your doing us all a favor. Nice Job. First time you will always remember.
  8. jkjkoda

    Which winch to buy??

    Daughter won 500 polaris sportsman want to get a winch but have no clue which way to go. Would like either the plow or bucket any thoughts out there would really help!! You no salesmen I would like FM advice??
  9. jkjkoda


    Would'nt you just love to give people like this a tour of meat proccessing plant.
  10. jkjkoda

    First time spearing

    Time well spent took my daughter out this year for her first time ever. She got to throw the spear once we to saw only few fish but looking down a spear hole is something every one should try at least one time. So cool my daughter thought to see the pike come after her decoy. She to got board looking down the hole only thing that helped was the size of the hole we were in a 8x12 house hole was 2x8 I even thought it was cool could really see all around. Better than the 2x2 hole grandpa had when he took me.
  11. jkjkoda

    My wife got her first!!

    Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jkjkoda

    Trail camera help!!!

    I'll give it a try thanks guys any more info would be good.
  13. jkjkoda

    sucker run

    Anyone no where the creek that the suckers run out of Minnewaska?????