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  1. Got 2 of these the other night at County market St Francis. For the new pellet grill.
  2. Bacon makes everything taste better.
  3. Ok so pulled the plug got a Pit Boss 820 XL from the M store 11% off so 400.00 bucks. Still have to put it together and do my burn in looking forward to that. Bought the pellet grill thinking more versatile than a smoker. So I will let you guys know how things go. Probably start with some chicken thighs or whole chicken cheaper if I mess it up. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Thinking of getting one but can't decide which way to go. Have a gas and charcoal grill. Want to add another unit to smoke meats and stuff maybe you guys can give me some insight. Looking at the Pitboss vertical series 3 smoker or a pit boss pellet grill. Maybe some pros and cons help please.
  5. They just closed the border to Canada. Halted non essential travel. So guys with ice fishing trips planned have to standby.
  6. Saw a Robin yesterday nice to see and hear them again.
  7. How about and old set of downhill snow skis? Thrift store goodwill or something probably find cheap and bolt them on.
  8. Have a shooting house on the property we call the "Butcher Shop"
  9. Thanks something to think about.
  10. What was you're final cost on this project ? Might think about doing one myself.
  11. Walleyehooker can you PM me your info I will call you and get this set up for pickup thanks
  12. I will take it where are you located ? Will be gone next week fishing be back week of 22nd. I am using a 80's model lawnboy push for trimming be nice to have a backup newer model.
  13. Try this guy I know he's up north but have bought numerous Polaris parts from him. He probably has a whole bumper. Does insurance claim stuff. http://www.wheelbrokersonline.com/
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