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  1. They just closed the border to Canada. Halted non essential travel. So guys with ice fishing trips planned have to standby.
  2. Saw a Robin yesterday nice to see and hear them again.
  3. Have a shooting house on the property we call the "Butcher Shop"
  4. Thanks something to think about.
  5. What was you're final cost on this project ? Might think about doing one myself.
  6. Walleyehooker can you PM me your info I will call you and get this set up for pickup thanks
  7. I will take it where are you located ? Will be gone next week fishing be back week of 22nd. I am using a 80's model lawnboy push for trimming be nice to have a backup newer model.
  8. Ah that's better things should start to lock up with the lows this weekend.
  9. Cold blooded meaning you have to let it warm up with choke on for 4 or 5 minutes then it's fine.
  10. I own a 2000 325 magnum has just shy of 6000 miles on it. It's been a great machine and yes cold blooded as heck also. Pretty much just use it for plowing driveway and visiting the neighbors now. Just a word of advise though if it has zerks on all the shafts and stuff make sure to keep them greased good. My 2000 has about 6 or 8 on it. They may have eliminated them by 2005 I am not sure.
  11. Brian I am curious to see if Char broil takes care of your igniters and thermometers. Please post the results please. I am still in contemplating mode.
  12. Brian the reviews on the Charbroil were all pretty good except a lot of the complaints were about the grates rusting ? and the cleaning of the plates with the little holes.
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