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  1. The Dogger

    2 couches and Layzboy

    Items gone. Please remove post.
  2. These have been sitting in my unfinished basement for the last few years and its time for them to go. They are are in fair condition, no smoke, pet hair or significant stains. In my opinion these couches/chair would work for a garage, basement, hunting cabin, college kid.... Package deal - you pick all 3 items up together. Reply here if you want them.
  3. The Dogger

    Puerto Vallarta Bass Fishing

    Im heading there too. If anyone can send me in the direction of a good place to go let me know. Looking for action mostly, with fish that is.
  4. The Dogger

    What's with the price of ammo?????

    -- Do you care to share the name of this place, i need to pick up a box of 30-06 today and would like to pay that for those shells. Cabelas?
  5. You should never even be noticing that bead.
  6. The Dogger

    muskie locations

    Cabelas tank in Rogers. seriously though, many good lakes to try. Pick one and give it Hell, dont try ot learn 5 lakes at once. Try maybe a smaller one and move to bigger.
  7. The Dogger


  8. The Dogger

    Mille Lacs on Friday

    I think it was 2 years ago, and a nasty cold front rolled in the night before the tourney on ML. I was out the night before the tourney fishing for fun and there were fish everywhere, the next day was another story for myself - but ended up smallie fishing with the wife for the rest of the day. If I remember right, I think Hammernick got 4 or 5 that year burning rabbids up in the shallows. Its not fair with him out there.
  9. The Dogger

    Tonka Report

    Funny you should say that, I got picked up myself for speeding that very night. He just gave me a warning, I said I was sorry and he let me go. IT worked out good bc the timing set us up for a fish 10 min later. hahaha. That boat looks like a tank, how does it handle the rough stuff? And just for chits and grins - what is ur favorite way to catch a ski out there?
  10. The Dogger

    Tonka Report

    Post Frontal - Im going to assume that was u with the visor in the back of that all white boat with the Merc 250? - if so, what kind of boat is that? Holy H, that thing looked sick. I was the guy in the white ranger with red stripes, u waved when u passed by me once.
  11. The Dogger

    Tonka Report

    PostFrontal- Not to be a stalker or anything - but where u on Tonka last night????? If so I have a question for u. Iceman - N of 610 and Noble. I have released alota hatred on that lake, I perfer other places but the next time I'm going out there solo I will let u know.
  12. The Dogger

    Tonka Report

    Its amazing how reports can differ, I was out on Monday and seen 8 fish, but all but a couple were small. These fish were all lazy and didnt show much effort. Zero action for me between sundown and moonrise - DOUBLEUTF?!?! I was pulling my hair out. Yesterday was alot better, seen 7 that were much more active, 2 tried to eat at the boat. Didnt see any small ones either. all were 40+. Ended up boating a 47" late.
  13. The Dogger

    Tonight, tonight.....

    Seen 8 up until 830, then from 9-930 nothing. Go figure.
  14. The Dogger

    OM Vet

    I would like to talk to you on this. Do you have an email that you would like me to contact? Thanks
  15. The Dogger

    N. WI opener tomorrow!

    Two shorties in the boat, and lost another at the boat that was pushing 40. Good times, nice to get out finally.