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  1. Hi.. wondering about ice reports around MN, specifically around the Duluth area..hope someone will read this and reply,
  2. I'm one of those guys who doesn't ice fish much....small sled,,couple rods ice bucket, hand drill, etc..And I'm hyper courteous when it comes to setting up some place.. Just want an hour or two out to get hypothermia and catch a fish in the process..
  3. What happened to "states' rights" and "managed harvests"? Oh well, Big Brother knows best..
  4. How does one ever get something like that out of a lake? Not like it's a wheeler or a small car..does it become a ''reef'' or are there means to get it out and the owner receives a HUGE bill for his stupidity? Just wondering..
  5. Very nice pics! Great job!
  6. brushwolf

    What Planet?

    If only I could CATCH a trout on a fly.. no skills! I have fooled smallmouth, but when i chase trout I end up skunked,,not even a dink.. VERY nice fish by the way.. patrick
  7. I love the pic of the robin..especially this time of the year or in early spring when they first return...sadly, I take them for granted during the summer months..like a lot of other birds.
  8. If the weather wasn't going to be so lousy tomorrow, I would head up to the Bog and try to find some birds...or even around Duluth/superior area..
  9. Hi, look at the photo in the Young grosbeak entry on this page and see if it resembles what you saw..might be female pine grosbeaks...
  10. I love all the grosbeaks..primarily because is see them so rarely..usually when I am deerhunting..always a treat to watch,
  11. Thanks Raider..was lucky enough to watch a barred owl come floating down one of my swaths when i was deer hunting..landed in a tree not far from me, so i got a good view, and then the next week a hawk of some sort cruised by but I couldn't ID him as he landed on a branch behind a tree...would love to see my first great grey owl,,do they perch conspicuously or do i have to park and then get out and scan.. Not Sax Zim related, but also would like to find a snowy owl on the bay, or around the grain elevators, maybe a Gyrfalcon too..just don't wanna freeze doing it.. Patrick
  12. Thank You Jim..I appreciate it. I know the Bog has an actual map so i will look at that and get a start there Patrick
  13. Jim the only reason it was a guess was because i was walking my dog over in a woodlot by UMD (Bagley Nature Area) and twice I jumped/flushed a big raptor with a brown streaked breast..had to go to the Google and found a bird that resembled it...I wonder if he will stay the winter, or if he will move out now that it is as cold as it is.. On another note.. do you guide bird tours in the bog? Assuming its the Sax Zim Bog... Patrick
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