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  1. mnwild

    Joe Mauer

    My opinion, this guy is a bum and its got to be the worst investment the Twins organization has ever made...
  2. I have an older Maytag gas dryer looking to get rid of. Instead off bringing it to the recycle center I thought it would be perfect for someone with a lake place. The dryer works very well and never had any problems with it. Feel free to contact me if interested.
  3. mnwild


    In my mind, that is a slap in the face to Cuddy what they offered him. Look at his numbers compared to the over paid Mauer and Morneau over the past 3 years. If Cuddy leaves good for him. Go where you can win a ring because its not going to be in Minnesota while you can still play.
  4. mnwild

    No hitter!

    Nice that you will be up there again.. Peavy had a very nice start yesterday, hope he can keep it up the rest of the year.
  5. mnwild

    No hitter!

    Windy, How the heck have you been?? Hope things have been good for you. Both the Twins and Sox have not been very good this year, kinda different looking at the standing with how things have gone. Eventually both teams will find themselves and come around. Quick question, are you doing you Cass Lake trip this year??
  6. mnwild


    Sledneck must be a Queens fan so it is very easy to give up this early in the season. Go Twins, still ALOT of season left to play anything can happen..
  7. mnwild

    Fire Gardy

    I agree with you about not firing him, its not his fault for the injuries this year. But please dont go there with how many division titles he has won. You can win many division titles but please have a world series ring or 2 to show for it and Gardy hasnt produced that yet.
  8. mnwild

    Twins Offense

    Best manager in Baseball??. Didnt Gardy sit his starters the last week of the year giving them rest and guess what happened once playoff time came, their bats were silent. Best manager in baseball with that decision, OK.
  9. mnwild

    Twins Offense

    You can blame this all on Gardy. Back in spring training I watched other teams and they played who they knew were going to be the starting roster and played them. Look at the Twins, who did they play in ST?? Bunch of single, double and triple A players, why play them if they are not going to be on the opening day roster. Get the guys at bats that will be there so they are ready for opening day.
  10. mnwild

    Any interest in a Yahoo! fantasy baseball league?

    I'm in if you do an auto draft, head to head league.
  11. mnwild


    sorry mixbag, I have alot of respect for you hating the vikes plain and simple.
  12. mnwild


    Dude mixbag, do you need a tissue?? Get over it, you are like any other Vikes fan that cant except that the Pack won the SB and you guys never will because the team will be moving to LA after next year, good luck with that.
  13. mnwild

    post your sb prediction right here

    Packers- 30 Steelers- 21 Aaron Rodgers, MVP.
  14. mnwild


    I am a die hard Pack fan and I am so glad to see them in the big dance, they deserve it. Having 15 players on the IR and these players replacing them stepping up doing their job is big time in my book. There are some people I have never heard of and they did their job and they are known. I think the SB is going to be very good. The Pack won 3 ROAD games in the playoff, 2 outdooor and 1 indoor took out the #1 & #2 seeds on the road is big in anyones book. They are playing in Dallas indoor on turf, advantage Packers offense and defense very quick. Score- Packers- 34 Steelers- 28 And Harvey for you to say- "At least I am not in the SB due to a terrible call on the refs" I say your nuts.... Have you watched any games this year?? The zebra's sucked this year no matter what teams were playing against each other. They are in the SB because they did what they had to do to get to the big dance, just like Pittsburgh and thats win games. If you see this any other way then maybe you do need to take a look at the big picture.
  15. mnwild

    Nick Punto... ex-Twin

    Music to my ear's, about time. They will sign him cheap, whats he's worth. Maybe million a year, yeah he's mot worth that but that's what they SHOULD offer him.