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  1. Check the state regulations, because it can vary. Go to a bait shop down there and they can supply you with all the info you need. They will also have frozen shrimp/squid in there to purchase, or you can try to catch your own on the inland ocean waterways. It can actually be quite fun, like pan fishing.
  2. On a decent 12V Vex battery, you should get 6-8 hours no problem. Good luck!
  3. I had my FL-18 in my 2 man portable this weekend. 20+ FOW, had a blast using just one flasher with 2 guys. Worked well.
  4. Check out the St. Cloud message board threads. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/21/1/St_Cloud_Area_Lakes
  5. Get a pack of Windex wipes. They are all pre-moisened towels folded up, packs neat, and don't have to worry about anything spilling over all the time. I keep them in the boat for my sunglasses, screens, and just about anything that needs to be wiped down. Sea goers swear by them since they are constantly cleaning the salt spray.
  6. Aren't they up by the Corner Bar?
  7. I live in a rural neighborhood in St. Michael. There are no lakes nearby other than Beebe and Pelican both of which are about 5 miles from my house. The closest thing to a body of water is a small pond down the road about 3 blocks. This morning, after the rain we had gotten, I went out on my driveway and begin picking up some of the nightcrawlers that had scattered about from all the moisture. I got to the street and noticed something along my curb that was moving. I approached and it sure enough, a crayfish was making it's way down the road? It seemed to be riding the water towards the storm sewer, but I have no clue as to how it could have gotten on my street! I drove down the opposite way from which it had come from and counted 5 storm drains, uphill and downhill grades this thing would have had to manuver if it did come from this pond. Examining it, I did find that it has eggs attached to its botom side. Can anybody tell me, or have any idea how this could have made it's way to my street? What the cray?
  8. Last spring I purchased the Frabill Min-O-Life. Its basically a cooler, but also has a bubbler attached. The lid seems to fit tight and the bubbler has saved enough bait to pay for itself already. Seems expensive, but it was well worth it. Especially when trying to keep those shiners alive.
  9. I brought in my bait puck from the outside because I had noticed the waxies were frozen solid. I threw out the waxies and noticed that the mousees were still alive! From the fridge to frozen to room temp, I can't believe they are still moving around. The mousees I bought before Christmas!
  10. Check the "Metro" board. You might have better luck there.
  11. fishtank

    Which Suit??

    Depends on how you fish. If you are going to be outside a shack (portable or permanent) constantly, I would consider the heavier one. If you are going to be confined to a heated space, I would go for the lighter one. Overall, it is going to be what is more comfortable to wear. I judge what I'm going to wear depending on the temps, wind, how I'm fishing and what is in my closet.
  12. Anybody have any preference? I was out the other day and picked up some mousees to give them a try. It was the first time I had seen them in this particular bait shop. Didn't have a hole lot of luck and didn't compare them to waxies or larvea, but had more success on crappie minnows. I liked the look of the mousees, especially when jigging for crappies. I thought the tail would/could trigger more strikes.
  13. Sorry, Didn't mean to embarrass you. I was just unsure how your technique was? Heck, if you have any new ideas, I'm sure everybody would be interested to hear them.
  14. johnmn, crappiekeith and dtro, sorry, I don't mean to be harsh, and please I'm sorry if I was forward. Yes, I'm serious about ice fishing too, but like CrappieKeith said, it took him a couple years to build up that stuff. Are you going to ask a newcomer to the sport to anty up that sort of dough? No, I would think, like the average joe, that he/she would gradually get the things he or she deems necessary, then when one item becomes obsolete, or out of date, they can can upgrade at their consent. No need to start ice fishing with everything that was mentioned, right?
  15. Chode, If you have some extra Silicone lying around, I would just try to brush the outside with that. The bucket is a petroleum based product, so I'm not sure how it will react to it, but it may be worth a try.
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