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  1. Tim we are heading out in the am will let you know how we make out and hope to get some good pics . load the units up deal is all set . will let u know on ice conditions will call you in the am or call me . good luck boys and be safe
  2. Bud and I are going out friday night right after work hope to see you guys if your there. the way the small lakes look if the cold stays with us i think we might be able to get on the ice next week or the latest 2 weeks buds dads pond is frozen over and u can stand on the edges with out going through . it wont be long. I know where there is a good tree no what i mean tim
  3. I live in averill park which isnt far from u there are a ton of good places to fish as for grafton lake i dont think i would waste my time but its your call .there are a lot of little lakes that hold a lot of good fish but cant be over fished we do a lot of CPR fishing (catch picture release )if your looking to keep a lot of fish try the big lakes . when we get ice if you want to meet up we can show u a couple places to hit the ice
  4. fisherman31 where in washington county are you from i gerw up washington county in the town of granville
  5. Thanks Frank as the show get closer I will let u know hope we can all meet up and get some drinks
  6. we are haveing a girl she is due right around christmas cant wait .
  7. I want to get a bunch of us from the east side to make the trip out hope the get more vendors this year cant wait to see what marcum has for clothing comeing out i could never get a hold of a hat my guy was always out . would like to meet up with you guys and as long as the girlfriend hasnt had baby yet I will be there
  8. Dont know if anyone is looking For a portable shanty I have a two man Otter Walley bought it new last year . dont need it any more bought a new one this year . If interested please let me know Thanks
  9. Dont know if any one is looking for a partner for bomoseen a guy I fish with is looking if interested please let me know . Thanks
  10. wish we could but its a 2 hour drive may be another time thanks for the invite
  11. Wish you guys had better luck . dont worry We can all work together in vermont and do great as a team
  12. I think we got 4 or 5 then a couple hours straight rain
  13. I cant do saturday doing the walley challange on sagandaga but if you guys want to do sunday maybe that works just let me know
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