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  1. mnwildman

    Week 1

    Sounds good to me.
  2. mnwildman

    2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    I'm in thanks for doing this
  3. mnwildman

    2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    Is it happening this year?
  4. mnwildman

    2013 HSO Fantasy NASCAR league

    Guess I'll be 2 weeks behind, I happy somebody is running it!! Thank you
  5. mnwildman


    We hunt out there and the farmers land we hunt have seen 2 of them. They have also taken out some of there cows they think.
  6. mnwildman

    DW Rant

    DW can go away along with Mikey he's washed up!!
  7. mnwildman

    Fishing Minnesota Fantasy Auto Racing (4th Annual)

    I'm in again, thanks guys for doing this it is fun!
  8. mnwildman

    Chalk one up for the good guys!

    Very nice about time somebody put Sierra Club in there place!!
  9. mnwildman

    What do you guys think?

    Just seen the 2010 Polaris Rush!! That new suspension looks like a very nice ride. Different but I think it could grow on you.
  10. mnwildman

    Can the knob be changed on old propane tanks?

    Mills Fleet Farm has a bunch of different size tanks.