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  1. Thanks for the info. Frank. I've had my blades in to your shop a few years ago and they don't have much time on them since then (so pretty sure they are not dull). They came back sharp and in good condition. I'm still having trouble with the auger hanging up and not "powering through" like my old one did. When I hold it up in the air and let it hang while I run it, there seems to be a slight wobble in the powerhead like the shaft is bent or something. It is very slight, but more than my Strikemaster (no wobble) which I still have. I have done the extensive break in, let it warm up a long time, used amsoil, don't push down, etc… just like I've heard about on here for years. Kind of surprised that it hasn't worked that well. To me, the collar that Nils uses seems very suspect. It doesn't seem to give good alignment no matter how careful I am with the connection and lends itself to wobble. Either that or the blades are too aggressive (as you mentioned), or maybe the shaft came slightly bent from the factory. The thing runs great, but just has never cut that well. As an aside...The best set up I ever had was with an old Tanaka motor using a Mora 8 inch auger custom welded to a collar by a friend. Lightweight, and fast. This may speak to the power point issue which that blade obviously did not have. Unfortunately, the aluminum motor mounts eventually broke on that old work horse. I have toyed around with trying that set up again with this new motor but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  2. Sledhead, I got the carbs cleaned a couple of weeks ago. Time will tell about the oil consumption and plug conditions since I haven't ridden it since then and we are done for the season. Carbs came out easy enough once air box removed. They were a little gunked up around the needles so I'm glad I pulled them. I was unsure of what you meant about bench syncing with a drill bit. Is there a symptom that would indicate a need for this? It seems to run fine on the trailer. Revved it up on the lift. Thanks.
  3. W.Bill -thanks for the input. Also wondering if I'm locked into only bird for my main locator with the Link or can I change down the line as tech progresses and still at least have ipilot features with some other brand of locator?
  4. 2009 Lund Explorer/full windshield I have a 2009 Terrova with a 2 year old 898c on the dash. Tried my old Lowrance 522cgps on the bow last year (using universal trans) and the two didn't play well together. Lots of interference in 10' or more depth. Any suggestions on what to do up front? I assume linking another bird to the 898? Don't need much up there as I usually fish from the back anyway. It's mostly for times when someone else is with. Also it seems like the ipilot Link is a lot of extra money when you figure Lakemaster/cables etc..just to gain contour capability over regular ipilot. I use the old style copilot now and really like it but thinking of going to new ipilot. Can someone talk me into the link version? Otherwise I'm not seeing it. Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone- it's a good garage week around here to tune up the sleds! I've got a vmax 600xtc that I bought used a few years ago. The plug tips are looking very black lately, and it seems to be burning a little more oil/smoking. I'm thinking of removing the carbs and cleaning them but haven't done it before on this sled. I have done a mikuni single on my cat, so I think I can handle it. Question #1- Can I adjust how lean/rich easily on this set up (two carbs), if so how? Question #2- Any tips on getting the carbs out or differences from the 94 mikuni that I have experience with? Thanks.
  6. Thanks again for all the good suggestions on how to handle the track drive shaft bearing repair. Got it done today and seems to be working fine. Did both sides. 4600 miles on the first bearings so I'm hoping for a good run with the new ones. Jeff
  7. ok - I got it off. I was able to get it with the 1/2" wrench without having to drag out the compressor. Thanks Mike! Jeff
  8. I'm having a heck of time getting the nut off the top(chain) sprocket on my 94 cat. Taking it apart in the process of getting to the drive bearing. before I get a bigger wrench - is it a conventional thread left is loose? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Thanks Old School. Yes, that will help a lot. I don't see the Jag on there for 94, but thinking a lot of transferable info from the Couger manual . I'll be putting it to use Saturday if plans hold up.
  10. Good points, and thanks again for the suggestions. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little further in to it later this week. Jeff
  11. Yes- the bearing is shot. Got the speedo housing off and found the shredded remains of the bearings. Was also pretty obvious from looking underneath as I could see the shaft sitting off center. One big concern is that it was ridden about 25 miles after the speedometer quit since I didn't know at that time about the bearing possibility. We were way out on the Taconite Trail and very lucky not to have broken down that late in the day on Saturday. I'm game to try repairs myself but wonder about residual damage that I might not be able to determine. It seems unbelievable that the sled made it that far as bad as it looks on the one side. Might there be damage on the other side and would it be obvious? Or any suggestions what else to look for. Again- it's a 20 year old sled so I'll have to way the costs carefully.
  12. Thanks guys. I'm going to have look at it tonight after the garage warms up a bit. I appreciate the input.
  13. I have a 1994 Jag 440 with 4000 on the odometer. This weekend the speedometer stopped working part way through our ride and never started up again. I have periodically greased it in the fall. I've been told this could be a symptom of a bearing issue with that model. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this problem and where to start to resolve/diagnose it.
  14. I've been really happy over the many years with my old Rocky Cornstalkers with 1200 grams of thinsulate/gortex. I wear them for any winter activity including snow machining, ice fishing, etc...For deer hunting I add a heater pack for the morning and good to go. Pretty much live in them at the cabin this time of year. I suppose the model name has changed by now but I haven't had to shop for new boots in many years.
  15. Thanks for the input guys. I'll be completing my order for both soon, and hopefully getting some good use out of that auger the rest of the season.
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