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  1. I had my musky pole but with heavy tackle. The pike and the musky seem to like the number 5 Mepps spinners. I was using fireline but yes the stronger pole might have helped me horse him in
  2. FisherMusky, I guess musky's in said pond is not a secret. I guess the good news is that it is land locked and no real access. The times I have been out I have only seen another boat once or twice. Do you have any secrets to share. If so I can give you my email address vs. a public forum.
  3. Once the inlaws purchased property on this little pond near White Bear I am certainly enjoying the Musky's. I knew the lake had musky but my first few ventures I targeted crappie and bass. Then while out on kayak and boat I saw a few of these monsters cruzing the shallows in the clear calm water. Then one morning I am in my kayak and musky goes right underneath me. The fish may have been one foot under water. I could see the massive head to one side of the kayak and the tail on the other. Beautiful pure strain musky !!!! I then go over this little point which is sandy, rocky, weedy, and then drops off. I toss my little Mepps spinner and bang its fish on. The musky comes right out to me. We make eye contact and he start to swim out deep. Not a run per say just a slow swim out deep. The water was calm and I started to ore myself towards shore. The fish turns and as I paddle he swims with me with out a huge battle gently toward shore. I get the kayak to shore and get him to come in on the rocks and sand of the point. My plan was to beach him and do my best to get the fish free and try a photo. I would guess it was a 48-48 inch fish. The lure came lose right at the shore so saved me trying ot have to get the lure loose and a struggle on shore. I had the boat out recently and actually targeted the musky. Raised 6 fish on Saturday with a friend in a few hours. Two were on with one being a true beast. He got me some massive weeds I could not free the fish to land. The other fun part was I found the lake also has a very good Norther Pike populations. Over the weekend I got 10 or so fish with many 5-7 lbers and one going 10-12. Anyway it was a blast to mix in the nice pike and bass while at the same time getting some musky action
  4. Box, I was up an the inlaws cabin and for the most part pounded the smallies. My go go to baits there are no secret. I use senko's and tubes around the docks. Top water and small cranks over the rocks and around the shoreline where the shady spots are. Now something I have been using recently with fantastic success is also not a secret lure but not talked about as much as they should be. The simple number two or three Mepps spinner ( I like the number two with gold or silver blade and at times add a twister tail). The other one is a bettle spin type lure again with a twister tail. Sometimes the oldies are still goodies. I was actually fishing the river today and the smallies were on fire for the Mepps spinner at a very slow speed. I find many times spinners will lead to strikes for fish that are not feeding or agressive. One final note as it relates to the bettle spin. I fish it with 2-3lb fireline crystal for those pike or musky that hit it. I mention this as I was fishing a private lake in my kayak about 2 weeks ago and tossed said beetle spin over a rocky, weedy, sandy, shady point at about 7:30 am and bamb hooked into a 45 plus inch Musky. Thankfully it was a calm day and I was able to over time guide the monster to the point and beach the beast...
  5. I am an avid fisherman but primarily target Bass and Walleye. There is a lake by house that I get 3-5 Tiger musky every year while bass fishing. Mostly on top waters and buzz baits but got a couple of docks on senko's. I must say the tiger musky's are really fun to catch and quite cool looking markings. Two years ago on Vermillion I was fishing small mouth. I had seen some large muskies in the shallow bays so I decided to bring a muskie pole with just in case. I see this what looks like a moving log in the shallows...I pick up my pole and make one cast. It hit the water and bang I am in for the fight of my life. After about 20 minutes I landed her and she was a 50 incher !!!! Anyway to my question. My inlaws have this place on a small private lake. I had heard there were musky ( pure strain ) which I found a bit odd for a small metro lake but who am I to argue. In the spring I found some crappies and also saw a musky in the shallows. My last trip out there I was in my kayak bass and pan fishing. The water was crystal clear and I decided to toss a bobber. The bobber hit the water and there was a splash (I think I might have screamed like a school girl as well) and I saw a huge tail. Moments later I see the fish coming towards me and he decided to sit right under my kayak. When I looked to one side I could see the large tail and body. I looked to the other side and saw his monster head and body. The fish might have been a foot below me and just sat there, kinda freaky.... Anyway what would you recommend on a smaller clear lake. I am thinking topwater buzz baits of some kind. Or based on the fact this fish tryed to hit my red bobber, maybe something red !!!
  6. MT, My wife and daughter were up at the cabin this weekend with her parents. That is why I had the weekend free to do some local bass fishing. I have not gotten up there as much the last few summers. My wife said she saw a group of people over at your place for the holiday. This year I think we will be doing a week in July and few 4 day weekends. When I am up there I most definatly chase the small mouths. The last few times I have been up there the numbers have been outstanding and the size has increased with many 18-20 inch fish. Vermillion is known for the great walleye and musky fishing but I would venture to say that it is also a world class fishery for Smallies.
  7. Got out to the river to finish out the weekend. Me and my fishing parther got 30-40 smallies. Almost all were caught in shady area's and 70% came on topwaters which is by far my favorite way to catch bass. The larger fish all came on topwaters with the largest fish in the 18 inch class. The rest of the fish came on Senko's, followed by small spinners, and cranks. Topwater and senko were 1 and 2 but again the bigger fish were hitting the topwater presentation. My fishing parther was out on Saturday and the quite a few 19 and 20 inch fish. The front and maybe some more pressure may have impacted. We also mixed in a handfull of 12-13 crappies with some shoulders. Great weekend and great day to close out the bassing !!!!
  8. Well, today was a number not size day. From an individual perspective I even surpassed Dietz. I stopped my clicker count at 125 bass and it was just me. Two important points of clarification I was fishing on a private lake with no public access and no fish were over 16 inches. I actually took out a row boat. It was a bit breezy so I had to anchor along point and weed edges and pockets. I brought out five combo's to cover my bases: One senko rig One tube rig One top water (tiny torpedo) One number two Mepps spinner Aguila silver blade with tripple twisty tail One beatle spin type lure due to the success from yesterday The senko and tube both worked with the tube being a bit more productive then the senko. The top water worked very well and I would say a bit better then the tube. The Mepps number two spinner by far was the best combo. On this presentation I got a fish every other cast or worse case scenerio the third cast. Had I fished this exclusively would have caught even more. I did mix in the beatle spin at the end for fun and it was on fire just like yesterday On Monday I plan to hit the river for some small mouth action. My fishing partner was out on Saturday and got a ton of smallies with a few 19's and one just a hair over 20. Looking forward to a great day to close out the opening weekend
  9. Wow, Good day on the water Dietz. I decided to get for a few hours this morning on a local small lake. My old reliables were not producing as I had expected to start things out. I decided to quickly change tactics and presentation. I decided I was going to fish the shallows and target shady areas. I went with a presentation I have not used since a kid. I went with a small beatle spin type lure with a plastic twister tail. To my surprise this worked and I got about 20 bass. Nothing went over 17 inch mark but with a beatle spin on 4lb mono that was probly a good thing. I am planning on the river for some small mouth action on Sunday and Monday.
  10. Its been about 4 years since I actually went out on opener. I usually wait and take a day off early in the week to avoid the crazyness. We Fished North West of the Twin Cities. Was out from 2:30 am till about 10:00 am. We got into a very nice walleye bite from about 6:00-8:00 am. Simple 1/8 jig and shinner or fathead worked for us. I am for the most part a catch and release guy but with the early start and drive I figured should bring something home for the efforts. Me and my parnter took home a total of 7 all int ath 16-19" eater class.
  11. My work cell phone number is Perhaps after work on Friday or over the weekend. As I stated I am in the Maplewood area so perhaps meet there.
  12. 311Hemi, We used the grill for some burger and dogs about a week ago. Each burner worked fine and grill temps hit the 400 range. I am sure the unit will serve a purpose but as stated not in mint condition by any means. My thought is if someone was interested it is theirs at no cost. If not we will be brining to local area for disposal.
  13. The Sears Kenmore model number is 141.16221. This grill has three burners each 10,000 BTU for a total of 30,000 and electronic ignition. This electronic ignition works and the grill is fully functional. The issue it that there are three burner knobs. One of these a small metal piece rusted out so the plastic knobs slip. This should be an easy fix or you simply can turn the metal piece under the plastic knob by hand to the correct postion of low, medium, high, or off. The grill is several years old so it has the normal wear you would expect as it got used a lot. We also have the Kenmore grill cover which will be tossed in for free as well, but this is worn. Anyone interested let me know. I am in the Maplewood area and could meet at public area nearby to drop it off for anyone interested.
  14. Eric, agreed. Ran into one minor problem. I was going to take off the drain plug to add and while adding inspect to see if a seal. One minor problem now I can not get the thing off I think its a bit stripped. Nelson Marine is near by so Monday I will go see if they have this part as one I do get this off may need a new one anyway. Oh well worse case scenerio I end up changing out the lower unit oil twice this year. The good news is I have plenty of time to fine tune prior to opener...but with the way its looking might see the water late next week for that first run on the water
  15. Speaking of the drain screw slipping out of my hand. Is there suppose to be a little seal with it? Now that I am thinking about it I hope did not loose this...My motor is a 2000 90hp Mercury. Yikes I can't go into the season with this in the back of my mind. I may have to go to the dealer to ease my mind.
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