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  1. Juneau4

    Week 32

    icefishinnut win number 5 with a score of 338 2--Juneau4 320 3--mnwildman 301 4--Fishing_Novice 262 4--huckfin 262 6--BlackLundProV 250 7--Rip_Some_Lip 220 8--rl_sd 206 ______________________________________________ Season Totals 1--Fishing_Novice 8971 2--Juneau4 8739 3--BlackLundProV 8632 4--huckfin 8550 5--icefishinnut 8542 6--mnwildman 8346 7--Rip_Some_Lip 8304 8--rl-sd 7581
  2. Juneau4

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Tomorrow is my day to shut everything down, turn water off and say good by tell next May, boy that hurts!
  3. Juneau4

    Week 31

    Fishing_Novice 6th win with 302 2--BlackLundProV 239 3--Juneau4 229 4--huckfin 202 5--icefshinnut 195 6--Rip_Some_Lip 194 7--mnwildman 193 8--rl_sd 191 _________________________________________ Season Total 1--Fishing_Novice 8709 2--Juneau4 8419 3--BlackLundProV 8382 4--huckfin 8288 5--icefishinnut 8204 6--Rip_Some_Lip 8084 7--mnwildman 8045 8--rl_sd 7375 9--Swiveldigger 7096
  4. Juneau4

    Week 30

    icefishinnut -4th win of the year with 289 pts. 2--Fishing_Novice 282 3--Rip_Some_Lip 261 4--BlackLundProV 254 4--huckfin 254 6--rl_sd 251 7--Juneau4 250 8--mnwildman 244 9--Swiveldigger 70 ______________________________________________________ Season Total 1--Fishing_Novice 8407 2--Juneau4 8190 3--BlackLundProV 8143 4--huckfin 8086 5--icefishinnut 8009 6--Rip_Some_Lip 7890 7--mnwildman 7852 8--rl_sd 7184 9--Swiveldigger 7096 On to the BIG WRECK FEST---Luck will determine the scores.
  5. Juneau4

    Anterless Permits

    Hunters choice for me--Try for a buck the first 4 days and after that, hopefully a nice lone doe or buck. A doe with fawns I'm going to let them go. Good Luck to all and have fun.. Shoot what you wish as long as it's legal.
  6. Juneau4

    Week 29

    huckfin 6th win of season 347 pts. 2--mnwildman 343 3--icefishinnut 322 4--Fishing_Novice 314 5--rl_sd 310 6--Juneau4 282 7--Rip_Some_Lip 245 8--BlackLundProV 235 9--Swiveldigger 55 _____________________________________________ Season Totals 1--Fishing_Novice 8125 2--Juneau4 7940 3--BlackLundProV 7889 4--huckfin 7832 5--icefishinnut 7720 6--Rip_Some_Lip 7629 7--mnwildman 7608 8--Swiveldigger 7026 9--rl_sd 6933
  7. Juneau4

    Week 28

    Another win for the icefishinnut with 323 pts. For win number 3 in the year. 2--Fishing_Novice 311 3--Juneau4 292 4--BlackLundProV 283 5--Rip_Some_Lip 267 6--huckfin 247 7--mnwildman 239 8--rl_sd 208 9--Swiveldigger 80 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season totals 1--Fishing_Novice 7811 2--Juneau4 7658 The score in the top three are getting closer and with the ROVEL and Dega -- 3--BlackLundProV 7654 4--huckfin 7485 5--icefishinnut 7398 6--Rip_Some_Lip 7384 7--mnwildman 7265 8--Swiveldigger 6971 9--rl_sd 6623 Good luck with the guesses this week. ( except for the Fishing_Novice! BlackLundProV could back off a Little too. Good Luck in the mess this Week.
  8. Juneau4

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    What which (witch) or watch is it for the tip?
  9. Juneau4

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    I've been havin a good time with some frogs my cat caught. If it would just stop raining I'd have even more fun. Nothing like catchin those bass on a frog doing there own thing. I figure in another 2-3 weeks the Walleyes are going to like them even more..OK I use live bait, but I eat good, and I don't post any pictures to brag about anything. Fish with what you want, I'll fish when and where with what I want. Those isolated spots work great!
  10. Juneau4

    Hurricane Winds Are So Bad It's Almost Funny!

    That was taken in Sept. of 2008 in Texas and he was in a road ditch while the crew was on edge of road. Trump Jr. posted that and got called out on it tonight by Anderson Cooper . He also showed several minutes of additional tape, not just the still photo, which told what and where he was at. #fake news trump.
  11. Juneau4

    Week 27

    mnwildman gets 2nd win with 346pts. which was a lot in this wreck fest. 2--BlackLundProV 313 3--Juneau4 261 4--rl_sd 257 5--icefishinnut 228 6--Rip_Some_Lip 210 7--huckfin 205 8--Fishing_Novice 194 9--Swiveldigger 163 _________________________________________________ Season Totals 1--Fishing_Novice 7500 2--BlackLundProV 7371 3--Juneau4 7366 4--huckfin 7238 5--Rip_Some_Lip 7117 6--icefishinnut 7075 7--mnwildman 7026 8--Swiveldigger 6891 9--rl_sd 6415
  12. Juneau4

    Check Engine Light

    No, we just put a new cap on and I went and filled with gas and it stayed off and has remained off. It would come on when I had 3/4 + tank of fuel and go out when I had less than 3/4 tank. All is good so far, but I haven't put 50 miles on.
  13. Juneau4

    Check Engine Light

    Put new fuel cap on and filled tank- no light came on, so problem seems to be solved, have to see if anything changes.
  14. Juneau4

    Check Engine Light

    That's on my plan for this afternoon.
  15. Juneau4

    Check Engine Light

    Thanks I'll do that. Stop at O'Reilly and see what they say.