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  1. Nice deflection from what I stated. I'm now waiting for your Me"me. I hope its original. I can only hope. Living in your head----------------
  2. I disagree with you on some parts, I've been around since 2002, and it has gone from goofiness to becoming vile from some posters.
  3. And you are the one who has created the problem, never said I was a victim. Now a question for you: where else on this site (you said here) is there that you could have a political discussion ?
  4. It's not that hard to do, but it is a dirty, miserable job, it takes 2 people-1 feeding the blower the other in attic. See what the blower and insulation costs--then check the labor costs to have it put in.. Now you have to decide which way to have it done. Transportation of blower and insulation is something else to consider.
  5. Possibility of some intelligent dialogue that could take place, where difference of opinion could be discussed with civility and the snark shiat would be removed..
  6. And Rick wonders why ? Simple answer no civility- and fewer reasonable answers to questions, when someone tries to answer with some reason they get ridiculed. That's probably why only a handful even bother to post anything on this site.
  7. I would also wager that many of the tweets come from the same individual, if not all of them.
  8. I don't believe it's a war crime, more like a violation of the Military code of ethics.
  9. But, but, but you said delivery doesn't matter. Now it does?
  10. Then why do countries spend 100's of billions of $$$ trying to develop the delivery systems?
  11. Many countries have the ability to build a nuclear weapon--Few have the ability to deliver it to the target with any means that wouldn't be considered archaic by todays standards.
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