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  1. Juneau4

    Running Ac From Garage Outlet

    Any idea what gauge wire you have going to the outlet? In most garages 14 would be the lightest and even that should should handle a 30 amp breaker: if worried about it just replace the 20 amp breaker.
  2. Juneau4

    Week 23

    icefishinnut gets another win with 325 2--Juneau4 289 3--Fishing_Novice 267 4--mnwildman 265 5--huckfin 247 6--Rip_Some_Lip 243 7--BlackLundProV 240 8--Swiveldigger 234 9--rl_sd 203 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Totals 1--Fishing_Novice 6470 2--Juneau4 6249 3--BlackLundProV 6214 4--huckfin 6209 5--Rip_Some_Lip 6070 6--icefishinnut 6020 7--mnwildman 5909 8--Swiveldigger 5843 9--rl_sd 5499 Bristol is on the agenda for next Sat. Night--Hope I gain a few more points on the Novice Good Luck to all. Than again? Everyone have a good week--Should have results in next week on Sun. less I get lazy.
  3. That sucker is really starting to urinate me today. Think I may have something new on the grill! Just 1 rodent hmmmh Garlic ? and tomatos- doesn't make much diff, that sucker is in trouble. May not even do a skinning job? Doesn't make much diff. if I eat or not. I guess legally I can't do it. Screw it: I'll do what I wish. Now good afternoon to all.
  4. Juneau4

    Just Food and Drink

    You guy's sure know how to hurt people ! Fresh asparagus -that hurts!
  5. I've got a squirrel that comes in and eats and steals my yellow tomatoes. The sucker doesn't touch the red ones. How does it know? I thought they were color blind! Good thing I get plenty maters or we would have to have a conversation of some sort. My stupid cat just lays there and watches it do it, have to cut back on her cat food. Posted in wrong topic should have been the gardening --Oh well not that earth shattering. Maybe I'll grill the squirrel with a little garlic rub with some tomato.
  6. Juneau4

    Unruly nighcrawlers

    Put them in ice cream buckets with holes punched in the lids.
  7. Juneau4

    Week 22

    Fishing_Novice with 314 pts. gets 5th win for the year. 2--icefishinnut 306 3--BlackLundProV 305 4--Rip_Some_Lip 296 5--Juneau4 291 5--huckfin 291 7--mnwildman 286 8--rl-sd 194 9--Swiveldigger 167 __________________________________________________ Season totals 1--Fishing_Novice 6203 2--BlackLundProV 5974 3--huckfin 5962 4--Juneau4 5960 5--Rip_Some_Lip 5827 6--icefishinnut 5695 7--mnwildman 5644 8--Swiveldigger 5609 9--rl_sd 5296 ON TO MICHIGAN
  8. Juneau4

    Smoking rock bass

    Fillet them like crappies. cook them the same and I would say very few people would know the difference.
  9. Juneau4

    Smoking rock bass

    The best smoked Carp are those of about 5# . The big un's
  10. Juneau4

    Smoking rock bass

    I've never smoked rock bass, but have smoked lg mouth and IMO they are the best.
  11. Juneau4

    Week 21

    rl-sd score is not correct- only scored 5 pts. this week because the 4 starters had no starts left, so no pts given. Which means Rip_Some_Lip was the winner.
  12. Juneau4

    Week 21

    Correction in scoring-I forgot to give rl_sd 5 pts. for Hamlin qualifying 2nd. rl-sd 336 pts. and 5433 should be correct. (I hope) everyone else should be correct. The problem was they didn't score rl_sd other than for Hamlin qualifying 2nd.
  13. Juneau4

    Week 21

    rl_sd gets the win with 331 pts for 3rd win of the year. 2--Rip_Some_Lip 318 3--icefishinnut 303 4--Juneau4 301 5--Fishing_Novice 263 6--BlackLundProV 261 7--Swiveldigger 258 8--huckfin 254 9--mnwildman 234 ________________________________________________ Season Totals 1--Fishing_Novice 5889 2--huckfin 5671 3--BlackLundProV 5669 3--Juneau4 5669 5--Swiveldigger 5542 6--Rip_Some_Lip 5531 7--rl_sd 5428 8--icefishinnut 5389 9--mnwildman 5358 They are having some Tech problems with the scoring--hope they get it corrected by next week.
  14. Juneau4

    Week 20

    Fishing_Novice tops the week with 352 pts. 2--mnwildmman 344 3--huckfin 323 4--Swiveldigger 308 5--Juneau4 292 6--BlackLundProV 282 6--icefishinnut 282 8--rl_sd 272 9--Rip_Some_Lip 261 SEASON TOTALS 1--Fishing_Novice 5626 2--huckfin 5417 3--BlackLundProV 5408 4--Juneau4 5368 5--Rip_Some_Lip 5213 6--Swiveldigger 5184 7--mnwildman 5124 8--rl-sd 5097 9--icefishinnut 5086
  15. Juneau4

    Picked this up at a yard sale today

    If the price was right and your happy!