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  1. Snakes are quiet and only eat things I don't want in the house, bugs and mice. They go to food source.
  2. icefishinnut in a race that can't be described got 3rd win with 292 pts. 2--BlackLundProV 283 3--Juneau4 252 4--gregg52 236 4--mnwildman 236 6--Fishing_Novice 192 7--Fishingstar No entry --------------------------------------------------------------- Season Totals 1--Juneau4 6696 2--Fishing_Novice 6480 3--gregg52 6326 4--icefishinnut 6262 5--BlackLundProV 6249 6--mnwildman 6148 7--fishingstar 5181 Bristol Sat. night next 13 races left.
  3. Juneau4

    2019 Gardens

    I think those "Loco peppers" have a common name of Christmas Peppers. I planted them one year and said never again--pretty to look at, but way to hot.
  4. Why? I'd bet for what he is going to use it for even if he can't get it to idle down like a new one it will meet his needs very well.
  5. BlackLundProv finally broke into the win column with a 350 pt. score. 2--mnwildman 321 3--Fishing_Novice 311 4--Juneau4 304 5--gregg52 275 6--icefishinnut 262 7--fishingstar 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Totals: 1--Juneau4 6444 2--Fishing_Novice 6288 3--gregg52 6090 4--icefishinnut 5970 5--BlackLundProV 5966 6--mnwildman 5912 7--fishingstar 5181 Michigan Super Speed Way next stop.
  6. Don't know where else to post this: I enjoy seeing all the posts an pictures of the birds and the different feeders and I also feed the feathered and the tree rats. Now I have a new visitor to what they consider a feeder--Tree frogs. If I turn the light on over the kitchen sink after dark, in a few minutes I'll have 1 or 2 frogs on the window eating bugs that come to the light. Can't figure out how to get a decent picture that shows them because of glare and reflection. Anyone else feed the frogs?
  7. Fly Wheel, coils, plugs and points seem to be basic electronics to me. If it's firing on both cylinders at high and low speed, that tells me they are all good. If it just wants to die out at idle speed, then it's a fuel problem.
  8. With electronics, it's not, if the motor is missing, or doesn't have spark, it's electrical. None of that was ever said. Runs fine on high speed , but not on idle, it's fuel. This was all in a barrel and I said high speed works in the barrel, but not low speed. I also said muffs don't work on those motors, to pump water. It's a fuel and resistance problem that more than likely will be solved once that boat and motor are on the lake. Don't make it complicated. KISS (keep it simple -----___).
  9. Don't make it so complicated. It's not.
  10. Better take your wife along to run those oars. Just in case.
  11. Half the fun is playing with the motor you need and the place you wish, and can afford to do. I'd bet that 6 will be just fine and provide a lot of fun. BD2 enjoy playing with it and all the frustration that go's with part of it, when your done you will enjoy it much more than someone who just went down and bought a new one and never figured it out. Also bet you catch just as many fish with a lot less $$$ spent on equipment and have just as much fun.(Maybe more) I think to many people are involve that $$ & cents = quality.
  12. If it was anything electrical it would either run on 1 plug or not run at all. What year is that motor? There is only 1 carb. adjustment you can make, no separate high and low speed.
  13. They don't like to idle in a barrel very well, high speed fine -low no.
  14. That's a 6 horse, they just don't pee like big studs. Yep during the summer I do fine--winter let's not even bring that up.
  15. Those Johnsons don't pee with muffs on, put it in a barrel or garbage can and run it.
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