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  1. Juneau4

    Ignitors On Stove

    Possibility of moisture getting into them after washing the stove top and around the burners? My wife is good at that.
  2. Juneau4

    Week 1-2019-dayton

    Defending Champion Fishing_Novice gets the win with 327 pts. 2--icefishinnut 276 3--Juneau4 248 4--gregg52 189 4--fishingstar 189 6--BlackLundProV 176 7--mnwildman 145 On to Atlanta
  3. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

    Just go to your dashboard and then click on join a league and another screen will come up that should help. Pick and choose.
  4. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

    I hope a few more join the group. You can also get into several other leagues and enter different drivers in each of the leagues. Easy to do --check it out. Still have a week before Daytona.
  5. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

    No--Yahoo no longer has a league Do a search of Driver group game - DriverGroupGame.com Sign into it League ID number 697 League Name FMHSO Password 92448 You can also go to Fantasyracingcheatsheat and get in that way to the driver group game.
  6. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

  7. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

    How to get entered in the League; Those that played last year go to Driver Group Game. Enter your E-Mail and reset your password and you're in. Or register and use the private league button in lower left hand corner' League ID Number 697 League Name FMHSO Password 92448 Scoring will be the same as last year, but you only get 8 starts per driver. You can join other Groups, but check how they score in those-they will probably be different. Good Luck!
  8. Juneau4

    Pastime Project

    How did you get the snapping turtle shells or are they the by products of a previous dinner?
  9. How do you keep those trays so clean? and the rings on some jars?
  10. Juneau4

    Large Pullout Cutting Board Replacement?

    They recommend food quality mineral oil.
  11. Juneau4

    Large Pullout Cutting Board Replacement?

    If you can get a 3/4" solid cutting board in the wood you want, just have it surfaced down to 5/8".
  12. Juneau4

    Large Pullout Cutting Board Replacement?

    What kind of wood are you going to make it out of? If you go to your local High school and talk nice to the I.A instructor I would say they would get it done for you rather quickly, just for the price of the wood. Stuff like that is done all the time in my district.
  13. Juneau4

    Repairing Portable Ice Shelters

    Replace the zipper with Velcro strips. Should be able to do it yourself. Good luck.
  14. Juneau4

    Grindstone / Trout

    Sorry to hear leach-take care of your wife- it's hard to lose your mother- best to the both of you. God Bless
  15. Juneau4

    2019 Fantasy League

    For those (or those who weren't in the fantasy competition) there is some discussion on whether the drivers get 9 starts or 8 per year. Post what you think and I'll let them know what we think.