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  1. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    I guess I should have corrected myself in this post too.. Since one of the other boys said the Nils was 22lbs then it is only 2lbs lighter than the Lazer. The hours on the label don't mean anything to me since there is no real proof. The Lazer is the only one that has proven itself over the years. Also I don't fish Red LOTW or the BWCA. I guess if i did I woulds have to buy the $7 extension from Strikemaster. Finally when there is 3-8" of ice i will bring the power auger anyway because I can. If that doesn't float your boat then you have the OPTION to buy a hand auger and power auger from Strikemaster which, combined, would still be cheaper than buying the Nils... With Strikemaster you have options i guess is what it comes down to. And yes I have used a Nils by the way.
  2. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    Ok them guys at Tanaka can say what they want about how long it will run but I havent seen a Nils that is older than some of the older Strikemasters. Tuning the SM is quite simple.. Turn the governor screw out 2 turns and you auger will run much faster And correction to my old post the SM Lazer is actually only 2 lbs heavier than the nils.
  3. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    In response to this, I love the handles for one and have heard just a few stories of people abusing their augers therefore breaking the handles Dont like the nils handles so high up. rarely need and auger shaft more than 42" long which is standard on strikemaster The strikelite is the only one with a plastic flighting Why would you need a hand auger if the nils is so reliable? No proof that shows engine life is twice as long on Nils. If you can find me proof. Show me! Lazer weighs a mere 4lbs more than the nils (ill take that for all the other advantages Lazer is just as fast as nils when tuned correctly.
  4. I agree. I like fishing tipups after dark. There are some big fish to be caught in NW WI's clear waters after dark. Seems like 11PM to Midnight has been really good this year.. Ryan
  5. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    How can you justify that a Nils will last twice as long as a Strikemaster when Nils has only been around for 15 years. Strikemaster has been around for 60 years and have been making power augers for over 30 years and I still know guys that have some of the first augers made still in great working condition. If you do the math there 30/15=2 That means as far as we know a STRIKEMASTER will last twice as long as a Nils..
  6. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Strikemaster Lazer Auger Question?

    If there is more than 18" of ice you will want to lift the auger up just before reaching the bottom to get all the ice chips out of the hole before getting to the bottom layer of ice which is the hardest layer. If this doesn't work you can play with the governor as others said but be careful. If you do more than 1-2 turns it may cause your motor to blow up.. When you run the motor at a higher horspower it will wear faster on the auger.. (just an fyi)..
  7. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    [Note from admin: incorrect info edited out. Please read forum policy befoe posting again. Thank you.] I like the fact that Strikemaster is within a half hour of my house.. Great people to work with there also.. The best part. Ryan
  8. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Why is Nils Augers so great? Love the old style Lazer!

    I would love to race a nils with my new lazer mag.. So far its the fastest I have seen and with a bit of tuning its "lazer" fast. So far I've knocked out a Jiffy (no challenge) and Kluge auger.. Nils is next on my list.
  9. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    hardwater speed limits

    Im the same way.. I have a car so if there is any snow at all i try to keep her going at least 30... Then when i get to the spot i circle around a few times and park on my tracks just like a dog bedding down! Usually around 20 on roads though and 5-10 when passing fishermen Ryan
  10. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Fed up with minnows

    or you can buy yourself a small fridge like what they would use for beer in a garage say and put them in there.. I like the fish tank idea which i have tried before but it becomes smelly and harder to maintain than you may think. I have the advantage of a garage heated to 60 degrees so i put them in the furthest corner next to the garage door and they stay perfect temp.. put a fish tank bubbler in there and some fish food every 3 days or so and they last for months. Ryan
  11. cRaPpiEMaN8265

    Small SUV's and Portables

    May not relate to your situation but I have a 2001 Oldmobile Alero (car) and if i fold the seats down (which is a very nice feature by the way!) I can just barely slide my FT Scout in there.. It works very slick and I am very pleased with the setup.. I still get 30MPG highway too! suckas! Ryan
  12. Way to go glad you found one.. I wouldn't doubt it is I saw you.. I do all snowmobile travel into the lakes up there with the FT Voyager in tow.. look out for me Ryan
  13. Did you take my advice and try some smaller lakes in the area? there are some real gems out there! Glad you got some fish! Im going to Mille Lacs this weekend then I'll be back in the area trying to find some crappies and gills! Ryan
  14. I would give the break out from Ikes a shot around dawn and dusk hours.. Throw some tipups in 7 or 8' along the weedline. Good luck Ryan
  15. I have only fished it in the summer/fall for muskies. I did see a few guys fishing the bays with bobber and minnow supposedly getting some crappies. Very thick weeds in this lake though. I would suggest the furthest western bay and maybe the southern bay. Good Luck and give us a report on how you did! Ryan