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  1. B-Man715 "I talked to a very helpful young lady from a bait shop near Lake Thompson and she suggested to try there." The bait shop near Lake Thompson should be able to help you with a map for Dry Lake No. 2.
  2. REETZ LAKE, Day Co. - Walleye: Daily limit 1; Minimum length 28”. Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass: Only those less than 14” or 18” and longer may be taken; of those, no more than one may be 18” or longer. Taken from GFP Handbook.
  3. This site will give you the info. your looking for. sdglaciallakes Sounds like they are having great success up there.
  4. The East side of Pickerel Lake just before you go into the campground has a fish cleaning station as part of the state park. Thats the only one I am aware of.
  5. Maybe these links will help you out. http://gfp.sd.gov/fishing-boating/fishing-access.aspx http://gfp.sd.gov/state-parks/fees-reservations/ http://www.southdakotahotels.org/cities/Pierre/?src_aid=1092~G~Pierre-hotels-Exact&gclid=CPzu1p_Y87UCFexaMgodc1QAmQ
  6. I was sitting on top of a pod of pike. Not sure where the perch were taken.
  7. Fished a couple of derbys this last weekend. Lake Poinsett/Poinsett Pounders weighed quite a few fish. Fished Willow Lake Lyons Derby on Sat. and it was a little slower but fish were brought to the scale. The wind really got with the program Sat. afternoon.
  8. Ice North of De Smet yesterday was 14" good and clear. Trucks driving on alot. I still think I would check thickness before driving on however.
  9. Fished yesterday from 10am to 1:30pm at Lake Poinsett. I had the camera down and only saw a couple of fish. Tried several different spots on the lake. There were 5 boats out yesterday, and I know 2 of them did not take any fish home. The lake must be down 2 feet at least from normal. Hope to get back before ice up and redeem myself.
  10. Spent a few days up in NE SD started on Pickerel but could only manage small walleyes under the 15" min. Headed to Reetz for the second day. A few perch and some nice eyes but nothing over the 28" min. Third day on Bitter Lake 3 hr. of fishing and got off the lake before the wind showed up. Ended up with some nice fish for the table. Most of the islands are underwater now and hazards abound everywhere. The state put in a new ramp in the NW part of the lake, but improvements are not finished yet.(Like the parking area) 5.5 miles of gravel to get there and 5.5 miles back. I posted the gps coordinates on my HSOforum. Pictures of the trip are on my facebook page.
  11. Fished West Bend and found a few walleye. The weather is hot, but so is the fishing. Spinners (Black) and worms worked for us. Weeds seem to be getting worse than normal.
  12. Give Paul a call at Lynn Lake Lodge 605-345-4564. He would know the latest for that lake.
  13. The spring bite has been going on in Huron at 3rd St. for about 6 weeks now. The crowds of people continue to catch nice eaters from the river. The river has gone down about 16" in those 6 weeks. It seems with the lower flows the bite would be shutting down soon. If you go take lots of jigs and minnows, as there are plenty of snags to get hung up on. Good Luck.
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