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  1. Congrats man. I'm glad to hear that you have followed through with the Tornado Outdoor Club. If the weather was not [PoorWordUsage] here, I'd likely join you. Keep on!
  2. Todd_J

    Lighting your heater/cooker?

    I've been using a flint spark lighter used to light propane torches. I have yet to loose it and it sparks in any temperature (unlike butane lighters) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_spark_lighter
  3. I broke mine in with 50:1 using the Tanaka 2cycle oil. After breaking it in over three tanks I switched over to Amsoil and now I run that. After a full season of use, the engine just keeps getting more torque and "umpha" I can see running it @30:1 would make it rum boggy or with less power.... My advice is to lose the Stihl mix and switch to something with a better formulation. Cheers.
  4. Liability, pure and simple. Any sort of "official" announcement about safety puts that agency/organization at a HUGE risk for litigation. The DNR, NOAA, or other government agencies that have the manpower to conduct such a huge undertaking are not going to take on that risk. Even our "home-grow" ice report are very very careful about stating disclaimers related to the information presented. The media will only report that the "ice is not safe" because there is no downside to it. Once the ice is safe, they shift to reports featuring ice-fishing events, feature-packed icehouses, and "the big one". They will never come out and say it is safe. To those (like you mentioned) that do not use common sense, accept huge risks, and demonstrate poor judgment, I say "get out of my end of the pool."
  5. Todd_J

    Why Nils is better???

    You might be waiting a long time...
  6. Todd_J

    Stuck Auger Extension

    +4 for heating it with a torch and then beating it out... sounds just like a 'frozen' brake rotor. Good luck!
  7. Todd_J

    Lindy Darters at Lake of the Woods

    What size and colors did you find the best? I'll be up there after the first of the year and always look forward to it.
  8. Todd_J

    2009/2010 Iceleaders ICEMAP! (Thanks Everyone!!!)

    8 inches of great ice on Big Knee Lake just north of 113 in Mahnomen Co (650 acres). Fishing was slow... No size to anything we caught.
  9. Todd_J

    Ice Armor X Jacket

    It's too bad they insist on selling them only as a set. I don't know how my parents did it, but two years ago they got me the Ice Armor X bibs for Christmas, without the jacket. The only problem was that they got them a size smaller then I needed. I took some smooth talking on my part but I was able to exchange them for a larger size at GM. Now I wish I had the jacket.... Great bibs, and from what I have seen the jacket is just as nice.
  10. Started up my Nils tonight after sitting idle for 8 months... Started on the third pull. Let'er Rip!
  11. Todd_J


    I got it bad... Some days it's like a flippin downpour. Do your best to move the air around, open the door every now and again to swap the moisture-rich air for cold dry air, or keep the heater off. I have taken to putting on my rainsuit when I take off my snowsuit. Cheers!
  12. Todd_J

    How do you make a Nils cut faster? (pic)

    That looks like a Otter Auger Shield.