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  1. Gentlemen - thank you for replying. Love to read about that place when not able to go see for myself. Happy hunting
  2. Anyone have the latest and greatest on Morson area ice conditions? Pretty early yet, but it’s been awfully chilly out there. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the update hunter. Keep the posts coming!
  4. Thanks for the update on recent conditions! I'm heading up tomorrow night for the weekend. Hope to catch one last limit through the ice! My Dad was up last weekend and reported lots of ice, still some vehicle travel out of Hansen Bay, and fishing was good. Good luck everyone and stay safe!
  5. Slush, snow drifts, and fish. That sums up a quick trip for me this past weekend. Snowmobiling was rough but the fishing was great. Our top speed while towing a sleigh was about 20 mph, and that was pushing it! We fished a reef in 16 to 24 feet of water, and had the best luck from 17 to 19 feet using gold lead heads, a plain hook with crimp weight, and gold "Chubby Darters". I hope the area gets some more snow to level out the riding conditions on the lake. I rode hovering above my seat as long as my legs could hold me and spent the rest of the ride getting bucked off my seat
  6. Great pics! Thanks for the update! I'm headed up this weekend and hope to get on 'em. I'll report back next week with my findings.
  7. Thanks for the reports all! My family is headed up North tomorrow so good to hear they'll have decent conditions.
  8. Anyone been out on the ice around the Morson area yet? Snow conditions and ice conditions ok? Thanks!
  9. 2016 Canadian ice fishing kicked off for me without a hitch... well except for forgetting a couple passports at home but who doesn't do that once in a while right! ... crickets chirping... stupid. Anyway, the fishing was ok and the snowmobiling was great. We fished off of a reef out west and found that 21 fow and gold anything was once again the top producer. If you look closely there's a camo kid on top the rock in that pic. Can't wait to get back up there! Safe travels!
  10. I think we're going with snow machines and portables just to be safe. It's been an off year for building ice and I'm not much for taking chances anymore. I've never been east of turtle portage in the winter months. Are there quite a few portages out east with all the narrow channels or is water current low enough for safe ice? Also, have you found any specific lures working well for walleye this year? Thanks for the posts guys! Safe travels!
  11. It must have been a pretty cold day of fishing! Great pics and info! How thick is the ice now?
  12. Any vehicle travel or plowed road out of Hansen Bay yet? Considering bringing a wheel house up soon.
  13. Yea it's still bad ice in a lot of spots. Over the 30 plus years I've been going up there, I've learned to respect it's ability to ruin my day no matter the season. My dad only dared to travel from Hanson Bay to "the point" down the shore from Mylie's Resort. He was considering not even going out but he saw a couple other sleds out there so he gave it a shot. And, thanks to your posts and pics huntercj, he's fishing out of a 6 x 10 aluma-lite and loving life. It is simply the most comfortable and convenient way to fish up there. We've done tent style portables forever and now that I've f
  14. My Dad just got back from the Morson area. He reported 11" of ice and the fishing was good. He also said there wasn't much traffic other than in the Hanson Bay and Musky bay (the bay Mylie's is in) areas. He got reports from local folks that ice conditions in some areas were less than ideal and to be very careful. Looks like cold weather is on the way though! I'm headed up in two weeks and hoping for better conditions.
  15. Well there won't be a shortage of fishing reports after this weekend then because I'm headed to Morson too! Not sure I'd plan another ice adventure after this weekend though based on the weather forcast. I know, it takes a lot to get rid of 3 feet of ice but I like to stay away from that transition and just let mother nature do her thing. Keep your eyes peeled for another ALumaLite out and about this weekend huntercj! Good luck to everyone and be safe!
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