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  1. seen two on north long after work today
  2. I just got a gift today my daughter got me the Honda 2000 just would like to know if anyone took a tote and made a cover to go over to keep the snow or other things off it when its outside running it will be in the back of a truck.
  3. well thanks for the info its going out and im going to stay warm
  4. after 3 days in ground blind was thinking man im getting old!!!!! got cold so now I was gone to bring the heater but the smell mite spoke deer what do you all think do I try or not.
  5. did not see a deer for this weekend,we were south of brezzy point.
  6. I would go back to miltona blacksmith for a frame!!!!!
  7. got mine in the mail today talk about early.
  8. did the simple green worked great thanks.
  9. looking for a used hood dad gave me a Lt133 hood did not make the trip back from Nashville.
  10. had water main replaced did a number on yard not much top soil but a lot of sand did have nice grass there before now need to fix what kind of seed to put on.
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