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  1. seen two on north long after work today
  2. I just got a gift today my daughter got me the Honda 2000 just would like to know if anyone took a tote and made a cover to go over to keep the snow or other things off it when its outside running it will be in the back of a truck.
  3. well thanks for the info its going out and im going to stay warm
  4. after 3 days in ground blind was thinking man im getting old!!!!! got cold so now I was gone to bring the heater but the smell mite spoke deer what do you all think do I try or not.
  5. did not see a deer for this weekend,we were south of brezzy point.
  6. I would go back to miltona blacksmith for a frame!!!!!
  7. got it done had a old stove pipe brush that worked great 3 passes and done.
  8. got mine in the mail today talk about early.
  9. did the simple green worked great thanks.
  10. took reel cleaned it again and lube it over and works great I think I put to much lube in it,thanks for the help
  11. reel butter and did just did it just about what you said, just going to rip it down and try it over,thanks
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