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  1. Maybe a six gallon bucket with a lid? They're the same diameter as a 5 gallon. You probably already have a bucket you bring with anyways and a six gallon is a little taller than a 5 gallon. Keep a little gear in the bucket to add some weight to the base.
  2. Streamlight makes good lights. We use them at work on our hardhats. They take a lot of abuse and are incredibly bright. Probably 6 or 7 of us that have them and most make it 2-3 years. I know that doesn't sound like a long time but these get incredibly abused where I work. If I was buying a headlamp I'd buy a streamlight right away. When my battery cap broke on one I got a new light from work but took the old one home, e-mailed them and they sent me a new cap for free.
  3. Well since someone bumped this I'll give my report on the Big Volt. I bought it but I sold it. I was using it on my ATV like I said but it would flash the battery light every time I used it. Even the 3000lb ATV winch wouldn't do that when I'm stuck in the mud. The summer after I used it the stator went out on the ATV, not sure if the auger had something to do with it or not. It would also kick out when there was a ton of ice, a thermal protection? For a wheel house I still think it's a good option as it doesn't kick up ice chips like a gas auger does. I now have a 9" Jiffy propane and am very
  4. I need to restring my panfish reels. What are people running for line? I'd like something that will work a little better in the cold, if it costs a little more that's fine.
  5. How big of a difference in mpg would I have between a 14ft utility/atv trailer and a 16-18ft dovetail car trailer? I have a 2009 Chev 1/2 ton 5.3L with 3.73 gears. I need a bigger trailer to haul my atv and flipover ice house but I'm also interested in a trailer to haul my off-road jeep. Just wondering if my mileage would really get killed if I went the car trailer route. I have a 5x10 utility trailer now but it's too small for the wheeler and ice house and I have a 16x8 enclosed trailer for the jeep but it's a little much for my truck. I'm just barely under the tow rating. Using the enclose
  6. Selling a Jiffy Model 30 auger. In very good condition, blades are sharp. I'm not sure of the age but it hasn't been used much. It has no missing paint, scratches, rust, or dents. I only used it once last year then my season got cut short due to broken arm. Bought new 9" propane so I need to sell this. Asking $150, pretty firm on price for now. Can deliver ~50 miles from Cloquet for $15.
  7. Selling a Marcum LX-5. Dual beam. Bought it new at the end of 2012. I had to buy a different charger for it but other than that it works great. I found a good deal on an upgrade so I have to sell this. Asking $350. Located in Cloquet. Could deliver ~50 miles or so for $15.
  8. Bunks, camper stove, and new hydraulic lines in the drop down, set up the thermal flipover and propane auger. All were planned for last year but I broke my arm in december so never got out other than with some friends in their house late in the season.
  9. 2008 Polaris Switchback 700 with a 144x1.5 inch track conversion and C&A pro skis. Planning on gearing it down for this year.
  10. I wear carhartt bibs when I snowmobile. I also use them ice fishing and at work. Never been cold in them. Get the higher end ones with zippers that go all the way up the leg. When I got back into snowmobiling I planned on getting a full set of gear but find my ice fishing stuff does the job just as good. No point in 2 separate sets of winter gear like that.
  11. I've ridden around in a resort plow truck up on LoW before. You're not getting anywhere without a V plow during a year like last year. Eventually banks get so high and roads get snowed in that they just make a new road through fresh snow.
  12. Before I bought my frabil thermal I had reflectix in my old flipover. It works good but I took tape and put it around every hole that I cut into it for the velcro strips, bars and windows. It will help keep it from ripping where it's been cut.
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