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  1. August 18- The Des Moines Valley Sportsman Club is having a 30 target 3D tournament at the club in Jackson, MN on August 18 from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm. The club is located in Jackson, MN with more details found at the following link: If you have any questions about the shoot, call (507) 841-3028.
  2. For anyone who may be interested: The Des Moines Valley Sportsman Club will once again be running a 3D Archery league. An informational meeting will be held at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse on Tuesday May 28. League fee will be $30 + club membership. Club information can be found at Des Moines Valley Sportsman Club .
  3. Summer of 2009 bought a house and had to replace furnace and heat pump. I would have went with ground source, but I did not have the cash to put in the ground source, and i did not like the idea of another loan to pay off. Once it gets around about 25 deg F, it is somewhat useless, it blows air that is not that warm, maybe mid 60's, where the furnace i think is in the 80's. I have the thermostat set to run the heat pump if temp >15 or 20, and if it has to warm up the house less than 2 deg; if outside temp >40 deg, heat pump only, if between 15/20 and 40 deg furnace and heat pump, if less than 15/20 furnace only. I also have a houlse built in the 70's thats not that well insulated, and has poorly designed/installed duct work. With new construction, i would hope you would be in a lot better shape than I am. I have a 95%, and i think a 16 SEER.
  4. These two coops do move a lot of propane in the area, and they have their fingers in multiple different businesses supporting all the farmers down here. We got a quote from a propane company and i think the price was 1.59 or 1.69 for new customers, and 1.79 or so for existing customers, plus fees.
  5. Just called about prebuy (forgot about it) $1.50 for prepaid at 2 local co-ops.
  6. I spend right around $80 i think for the plastic molded ones from the chevy dealer ('09 silverado). Put them on myself. easy job. Came with hardware and instructions.
  7. TOW, I can understand why some companies require a certified installer, i have two crestline vinyl clad bay windows that a previous owner of my house put in that are rotten. I think it may be a mix of the vinyl clad and the installation as to why they are rotten. I should have gone with my gut and passed on the house, but when we were looking last year, houses in the area we wanted, what we were looking for, and in our price range were hard to come by. My wife really loved the house too. But back to the original owner, they have done a couple remodels, and I have found multiple problems with their quality of workmanship and lack of construction and electrical knowledge. I am fixing everything that I find, but some days it seems that it will never end.
  8. In College the city water in duluth would always get to my minnows, not necessarily kill all of them, but always some. I also had the same issue when I lived in an apartment in Worthington. It is the chlorine that gets to them. If you fill up a 5 gallon pail and let it sit out overnight, then put your bait in it the next day, you will be good. This made a huge difference for me. The chlorine has a chance of evaporate out when you leave it sit out over night.
  9. If you are up to doing it yourself, you could check with Metro Radiator on HWY 23 East of St Cloud. I don't know much about them, just that they exist.
  10. Typical, usually comes down to what tools i have, what tools i don't have. I don't know if i can justify the purchase of something i will probably not use again for a long time. We'll see what some of the local shops prices are.
  11. One more question I forgot to put in the first post: 4. The check oil light is on, and has been for a while. I believe I have read somewhere that there is a sensor that likes to go out and cause this light to go on. Is this what the wires go to under the oil pan? If this is all correct what does it all take to replace? dropping the oil pan? If i have to drop the pan, i want to be sure to have everything I need before I start, is there a gasket that I would need to get, or would just some Permatex silicone do the trick? On the intake gasket, how difficult are these to replace yourself, or if I decide to throw in the towel and have somebody else do it, what would be a ballpark estimate to have it done?
  12. 2000 Chevy Malibu, with the 3.1, 129,000 miles Couple questions: 1. The Passengers side tie rod end/ball joint needs to be replaced. Is this something that as long as I am replacing the passenger's side i should also do the drivers side? It will obviously need to be taken in for an alignment after I replace it. The drivers side still seems solid, while the passengers side is a little loose. 2. I changed oil this weekend and noticed on the oil cap there was quite a bit of buildup of the white/yellow stuff on it. I know it is pretty standard in the winter for this to happen, and I know that it comes from moisture. I'm more looking for how much is normal, and what would be the main cause for what I think is a bit excessive of buildup. More background info: My wife only drives about 10-12 miles to work each direction, so the car never really has a chance to get good and hot. Skip the excuses, but the oil did not get changed until around 7000 miles and it has standard oil. And finally... see #3 3. She bought the car used in 2006, and for about as long as i can remember it has leaked some antifreeze, not a ton, but enough to get annoying, and leave some puddles on the floor of the garage. I know these are known for having intake issues (gaskets I believe), what are the symptoms of having these issues? Do these end up with an internal, or external leak, or both? And where if external. I think that I have traced the trail up to where it is leaking, I have included a picture below. It appears to be leaking below the engine pick point.
  13. Will have an Access Limited Edition on the way soon. Only reason I don't have it yet is because the farm may also be buying a couple roll tarps. They make some good products over there in Jamestown.
  14. With a sled or a wheeler you should be able to go most places. If you take a truck, the trails are alright as long as you don't meet anybody coming the other direction. Saw a bunch of people stuck yesterday, but there also was a caravan of trucks that came from the middle of the lake somewhere blazing thier own trail. If you go off the trail hit it hard and don't stop moving.
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