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  1. Very nice Gary. I've done a few weaves, but have had the good fortune of borrowing a fellow builder's wonder weaver. Makes it ALOT easier, if that can be said of a weave. As you said, patience is key...and so is marking off each pass! Keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks all. Chad, I've participated in the guild, done the byob and spent a ton on the blank feeding frenzy. Very good time and would like to do it again. Might see if i can get a kitchen pass...
  3. Where/who do you guys get your rod blanks from? I'm just a hobbyist, don't have a business/tax id, but would like to save on St Croix blanks. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Kind of neat looking. Especially if you are doing a golf or tennis theme. Let us know what you think when you get it in. I didnt see what the inside was and how you go about reaming it out.
  5. I picked up some 3/4 x 4 x 48 online and works well. Search uhmw and peachtree. Its a wood working HSOforum.
  6. Cool, thanks. Are they rattle cans you can get at a big box store or auto parts off the shelf? I'll be nervous painting a blank, but would like some other options on the st croix blanks, so might have to mak my own. Thanks again!
  7. Sorry, i meant the repainting it black. My thoughts are that the paint would crack when it bends.
  8. How does the painting hold up? What do you use? Is it somewhat easy? Thanks, Carp
  9. Thx jsk76. I received the irs lockout kit today. Might install and hook up the boat to test it out Also looking at drive on skis (if needed) to help reduce friction and make it easier to pull. Trialmand error time!
  10. Thanks all. Its a 14 + v and 6.5 wide special (wide open). I have a polaris 550xp but am looking at upgrading to a 850 if need be. I ordered the irs lockout and am going to get chains all around. I know i cant pick up the tongue and if a buddy an i sit on the back bench it doesnt pick up the tongue (over 400 lbs)
  11. Went to the hardware store today, thinking about putting a ski from a snowmobile on a tongue jack instead of the tire. Probably have to be a metal ski. Anyone try that or have any thoughts or recommendations?
  12. just bought a 14' ic and am thinking id like to reduce some tongue weight so i can pull with my wheeler. I can add weight to the back but that will add load on the ice. has anyone ever tried to adjust where the tire assembly sits on the swingarm? or how about the road dog tongue ski, anyone use that?
  13. We have a lund tyee 186 gl, glass and love it. Night and day different than the same thing in aluminum imho. Only wish is that i have 20' instead of 18.5, but thats not NEEDED, but wanted
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