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  1. bronzeback

    Musky weekend

    I've never fished Baby but I've heard it's an excellent lake for numbers and there are a few big fish to be had in there as well. If you fish Baby you'd have the option of jumping around thorough that whole chain of lakes around the longville area. Also it'd definitely be easier to find lodging close to the lake if you chose Baby. I've fished Cedar a few times and it's a cool lake, I've never had success out there really but you can only learn so much in four trips. There are some good fish in there though and I've got to assume early August should be a decent time to fish there. Although I don't think you can really go too wrong anywhere in August you just gotta figure the fish out.
  2. bronzeback

    Advice on handling/landing muskies - esp alone

    netting a fish alone definitely takes practice, but it's a different scenario everytime you do it so I think maybe having a few "fire drills" won't hurt even if they're not actually drills. I caught a 20" smallmouth last night, boatside, pitchblack. And she dogged me for a second so I thought maybe it was a smaller fish so I quick netted it. In hindsight i obviously didn't need the net, but my adrenaline said I did and it was good practice. when you're out by yourself, keeping your boat organized is key. having your net in a position where you can easily grab it no matter what side of the boat you're fishing out of is a must. I have a 14 foot boat too and my biggest piece of advice would be keep the bag of the net as far away from any exposed hooks or rod-tips or oars or anything it can catch on, because when you've got a fish on it seems like the net is always attracted to those things, especially the 30 dollar baits.
  3. bronzeback

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    these flats just keep getting bigger. did anyone catch one at 50 inches last year? I check this forum regularily (even though i've never wet a line for a flat in my life) and don't recall any 50 inchers caught last year although i remember quite a few high 40's. Awesome that they're growing and awesome fish. I had the same problem with my largest musky. I was by myself and couldn't get a great picture. Took one put her in the water then took another and put her back and she swam strong. I figured it was worth a shot. Oh well though like Minnesnowta said, the memory is really what counts and having any picture at all just makes it that much sweeter.
  4. bronzeback

    Questions on night Muskie Hunting???

    I've had more luck bringing blades back fast at night than slow rolling them. Not necessarily burning but maybe 4-5 inches under the surface at a good clip has caught me most of my night fish. Haven't caught anything after dark on anything other than blades though i've moved plenty of fish past dark on raiders. Awesome to see a wake pop up in the moonlight.
  5. bronzeback

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro - Opinions?

    I have the same problem, TrophyEyes. My pin has come unscrewed a few times mid day and I never think to bring a small screw driver out to really tighten it down so it's a bit of a hastle after it happens in the middle of a day. I guess that's why I have a couple of rods though. Other than that issue I've had no trouble with this reel, had it cleaned and looked at at the expo and it's been running like new all season.
  6. bronzeback

    Help with Bulldawgs

    Throw something else. In all seriousness though I haven't spent much time throwing dogs but this topic has been brought up before and the common consensus overall was that there really isn't a wrong way to bring a bulldog back to the boat. As long as it's in the water moving and that tail is fluttering along you can't go wrong. Personally when I throw them I just like to reel it back like any other bait but with the occasional snap of the rod-tip or just drop the rod tip every now and again to make the bait roll or lurch forward.
  7. bronzeback

    Bass Photos

    Blame Skeet Reese. Should've picked up the KVD model.
  8. bronzeback

    Elk & Mantrap Lakes

    Mantrap is a blast. I've only fished it three times but everytime we've seen a nice fish or two. Even boated a low 40's fish there last year. Watch the moon rise and moon set times and make sure you're in a good spot when those come around. The main basin has some nice weeds out in the middle, check a map or just cruise around until you find them. I like the west side of the lake better but I don't really think you can go wrong anywhere on that lake. Just my two cents. I'll be up there next week for a few days too. Hoping for the weather to work out in our favor. I'm really just hoping to see some nice fish, it'll be a nice change of pace to fish up there again.
  9. from what i've seen and heard I think Meat-Run is right. Just a bunch of rumors from back in the olden days... All the water below the dam is overrun with cat fisherman from the looks of it. haha.
  10. bronzeback

    spinning reel

    the only spinning gear I have anymore that is functional is a Shimano Symetre. i think it's a 2500?? i'm not positive. Holds plenty of 12 lb. fireline. Used mainly for what you've listed up there, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, smaller cranks, poppers, etc. It's a great reel though, super smooth, reeeally sturdy, and for the price tag it's probably your best option.
  11. topwater- wind (chop), clouds, low light. spinnerbait- all the time glides- in my experience: when nothing else is working
  12. bronzeback

    State Record Gar Questions

    wear gloves. wear pants. use pliers. and take some pictures of those big boys.
  13. bronzeback

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    good god that hybrid is a beast. looks like you've perfected the art of the panfish photograph too, nice pictures.
  14. bronzeback

    Our Flatheads just keep getting bigger!

    the DNR is doing what they can-imposing slot limits on a lot of the state's lakes to try and make that a possibility. Check out the DNR's long range plan for pike and muskie for more info on that. I'm sure it'll be a few years before we see any impact on the improvement of pike fishing though. Size-wise at least. now onto the subject of the fish in this thread: whales. all of them.
  15. bronzeback

    top waters-how fast

    I'd say it is almost completely dependent on the fish's attitude at the time. Sometimes a quick, erratic, jumpy, splashing retrieve will get them to go, and sometimes that slow methodical wobble is what they want. I'd say the slow back and forth is your better opportunity for actually hooking up with a fish just because they probably wouldn't miss as easy. Where I fish it's usually the quick and splashy retrieve that gets fish going, and sadly I've yet to actually ever hook up on my WTD baits, haha.