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  1. I would be interested in seeing that!
  2. Looking for picture ideas for my new portable. Looking to put compartments in my sled but want to keep it as LIGHT as possible! Any pictures would be appreciated.
  3. I'm only messing with you. I am a pointing dog guy!! Didnt mean to upset you!
  4. Go down to your local lumber yard and pick yourself up a big heavy 2"x6". They are the best trainer for a lab!!
  5. I just got my boat out of storage and found that I have a problem. I pluged in my 3-bank charger last night and this morning when I opened my garage, it smelled of rotten eggs. Last fall I thought I had a problem with my wifes car and now when the car is not in garage, I have to think that it is my batteries. Has anyone had this happen?
  6. Got it!! Thanks Black Bay!
  7. Does anyone know of where you can look online for the 2007 color shchems for lund boats? Their HSOforum does not show any of the colors.
  8. Has anyone seen any pictures or know anyhting about the new fiberglass boat that Lund is putting out this Spring?
  9. I was thinking of parking by the Wigwam and snowmobiling up to the Morson area. I am assuming people cross into Canada from that area all of the time. What do they do and what info do they give them?
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