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  1. Danged if I know, but the DNR has quite a few surveys on the lake. Fish populations do vary quite a bit, but crappies and walleyes are consistently present. There is some moving water, but I was told the lake does suffer from winter kill.
  2. White Crappies are hit an miss in most places. Those are the first I have caught in quite some time. They don't seem to compete well with black crappies in the lakes they share. Probably because this is the northern fringe of their range. Yup, gotta get the kids out whenever possible!
  3. How would you approach a very shallow lake in the fall? Deepest is 4.5'. Fish species include walleyes, crappies and pike. Not many crappies, but good size. Quite a few walleyes, 12-18", few pike, but good size. Picture a large bowl (400 acres) with most of the water 2.5-3.5' with a deep hole of 4.5' that is approximately 100x200 yards in size. I thought either just drifting and casting crank baits/swim baits to cover ground or troll. I was thinking that by continuing to troll/cast after dark in late September and October I can target the walleyes. Any ideas?
  4. I'm still taking the kiddos out. No sunfish today, but the crappies participated.
  5. I've had my little hooligans out quite a bit this year. Lots of nice sunfish and the occasional crappie. I'm just training them for the future!
  6. Oh I know about it happening in an instant. That's why I have kept at it so far. The real bummer is I've taken a couple of kids out. And while I know that not always succeeding is a good life lesson, a nice cooperative Tom sure cements their interest in the process. I was just wondering if others were experiencing a slightly more difficult year than usual. I even took a kid out on the WI youth season. In 2 days we must have covered 15+ miles. Not one gobble.
  7. Am I the only one having a weird season? Literally I've been out 17 times and only had one bird come in that immediately spooked at my decoys. Tons of gobbling on the roost. Then silence. Birds hanging up. No response to calls. I've hunted from north of Hinckley to Chaska. Blind sets. Roosted birds. Morning hunts, all day, evenings. I've hunted public land and several prime pieces of private land (hundreds of acres where I am the only one hunting) all with nothing to show. Is anybody else experiencing this too?
  8. I think you'll get a wide variety of opinions on that one. The only real difference I can tell is with the large head shot designs, it's either a hit or a miss. Others report losing some birds with other types of broad heads.
  9. I have 2 avian x hens. Not quite ready to throw away another $100 on the avian x jake I picked up the gobstopper jake/hen combo. After I took em out of the box I looked at them......and looked at them..........and went back to store, returned them and bought the avian x 1/4 strut jake. Not that you couldn't shoot turkeys over them. God knows I've shot some turkeys over awful looking foam contraptions. It's more that I had my heart set on a complete set of avian x (and yes, they are real and they are fantastic). I think for the time/money/effort one spends afield, just a touch more realism may make or break that one or two hunts every few years that justify the extra money.
  10. Last spring I even saw 2 strutters by a bus stop about 3 blocks from the mn state fair grounds on snelling avenue across from the famous daves. I just about drove off the road. The best part was the wary looks of the people at the bus stop, not quite sure what to make of the 20 lb birds puffed up and standing near them.
  11. 510 season B for me. Looks like most zones had surplus in B season. That might change over time as people start to throw their hat in the ring and rely on later seasons if they don't draw. But heck, it worked out for me this year! I do really love the Bow option though. I wrestled with that for quite some time before I applied. All season, All state...hard to pass up.
  12. +1 what the other guys said. I usually buy a mix of them every year. I probably have 10-12 in my vest at any time. Try 'em out and see which ones I like. Chuck the ones that I don't and buy another of the ones I do like. Much like your other calls, you will find one or two you will gravitate towards more. Also get one with one of the instructional cd. there are some good tips on them and you can practice in the car to real turkey sounds which will help your calling. and I think Phil Robertson summed it up best on his video "the art of calling ducks" when he was talking about practicing duck calls, "practice outside, there is something about the sound of a duck call that hurts a woman's ears."
  13. Now I know what I look like. Thx. I always wondered. Yup, 20 gauge works just fine. Smaller barrel equals smaller pattern to start with than a 12 gauge. and then +1 from what Borch said.
  14. That's what I did last year. I guess I'll take a kid in early April, then try later if I can get a tag in a season I want.
  15. hmmm. When I log on it shows no license. must mean I didn't draw.
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