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  1. Hard to keep track with two entrances and no fee. wish we could figure that out for next year any ideas?
  2. Thanks for coming up to the show had a good crowd. Nice to meet you yesterday NG ment to stop back and pick up a few decoys from you but got caught up in helping close out raffles etc and missed out.
  3. [img:center]http://alexdecoyshow.com/Home-Page.html Come check it out lots to do and see.
  4. My guess is that none of you have done this before just like shooting fish in a barrel isn't it they say I've been spearing all my life over 35 years and it's not that easy. Not all of us take only big ones just like a 28 inch walleye they aren't very good table fare, give me a 3 lb northern and I'm in heaven the ones nobody wants. Why would the MDAA care about SD rules when we have enough to deal with hear in MN . Don't judge us until you know your facts. If you want I'll take you out and show you what the sport is all about.
  5. friend of mine uses a 42 inch one works fine but its alot of ice chips
  6. Three more weeks out in ND yet hoping to get out there a few more times. Had a blast when I was out there in January.
  7. Fish are moving got one today that had a 12 inch bass in it's belly am seams to be best time of day but have'nt had the time to put in a full day.
  8. I have my house out from the ballroom set up and ready to go. If anyone needs equipment I should have everthing with would like to get more use out of my jiffy propane to get it broke in good. Should be there around 8:00
  9. Pre fishing waska this morning saw 4 fish in the 1st hour all cookie cut fish 2-3 lbs should be good action on sat. Chasing chubs but not smaking them.
  10. Will have too put in some time to find a good spot sounds like there's a ton of smaller fish deeper with the sunnies. Got to check out a few next couple of weeks. Going to make this one!!
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