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  1. Actually, it was closer to Rice Lake. I am originally from Cameron, live in Superior, and have a brother living in Hayward. He did some advertising for the taxidermist, so that is how I found out about the contest and the quality of the guy's work. We have a theory that for every big buck you see, there are two that you never see unless you are very lucky. It is a theory we believe more and more with each season!
  2. Sam- When I found him, I figured I gut shot him because of the smell. Thought I was going to lose my cookies. I was happy to see I hit him in the heart and a lung.
  3. Is there a Wisconsin equivalent to that web site?
  4. Thanks! It's from the Blue Hills area near Rice Lake, WI. He should be on my wall by late May/early June. The best part about it is that I got the mount for free! I took it to Upland Taxidermy in Hayward because they were running a contest--the biggest buck (# of points + inside spread) gets a free mount. They also do great work there. The buck was hit high by a bow hunter (at very close range) and was on its death bed when I shot it. The blood was water thin, the liver was 4x the normal size, and all of the vitals had large black spots on them. It looked like the arrow caught the top of a lung, but it appeard that happened as long as a month before I shot it. Despite its poor health, it still dressed at 206 lbs. and was chasing a doe!
  5. Cisco-- I forgot to make the point that $30 of one buzz may quite possibly last longer than $30 of another!
  6. There is an alternative to using the buzz stick that I discovered last weekend after a night of 12oz curls...you can use any St. Croix rod (Avid, Premeir, whatever). While sitting on a solid surface and gripping your jig rod tightly, let one rip. Still doesn't catch fish, but I am happier with the way I spent my $30. Just make sure the windows are open on the shack. Go get 'em!
  7. Which package is it? Where are you located? I was going to go to Gander in Duluth tonight and pick one up, but thought I'd check here first. I am interested...
  8. Which package is it? Where are you located? I was going to go to Gander in Duluth tonight and pick one up, but thought I'd check here first. I am interested...
  9. I have the Eskimo Quick Flip III. I think it is comparable to the Otter, but is more of an economy version. It is 6x8 and weighs 110, but I have taken it out by myself a few times. It's not too hard to load up. I set one end on the tailgate of the truck and slide it up. It is plenty big for 2 or even 3 people. A Quick Flip II is a little smaller and less expensive, but I was able to get the III for only about $30 more. The only down side I have found so far is that it doesn't fit in the truck with my wheeler!
  10. Haven't been out there yet. I am from Cameron but live in Superior now. I was thinking about getting down there over Christmas. Any luck with the walleye? I kind of miss going out at Nate's Car Wash (Prarie).
  11. We had 5 guys out by the Y Camp and didn't do so well. We had tip-ups out from 7:30-2:30 and had 5 flags. The only thing that saw the light of day was a 19 inch northern. The crappies are supposed to be hot out by the lighthouse in about 30 feet of water. They are hanging out about 10 feet off of the bottom. I have been off of the landing at the public beach to the left about 200 yards and done well. There are usually a few shacks out there. Last year I went out a few times and caught really nice crappies without any electronics. The tip-up action is very spotty. One time I had 10 flags on 2 lines and other times no flags in 8 hours. If you are walking out, that is probably your best bet. Good luck and let's keep posting the local action!
  12. Anyone been out on Lake Nebagamon? Any luck with the crappies or walleys? We have a group that is going to give it a run on Sunday.
  13. It seems as though I am buying a different type each year. I am sticking with two types this year-the Frabill Round tip ups for cold days (99% of the time) and the wind wip ups (Windlas??) for warm days. Wind tip ups can be a pain, but once you get used to them, they can catch a lot of fish. The only problem is if it is cold, the hole freezes and they are worthless. The hole covers and all of the other "tricks" for cold days have not worked for me.
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