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  1. This is one that they did also.
  2. These guys have pulled many items out of the lakes, a friend of mine is a master diver and works for them. They have done an episode on DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe a couple of years ago also. They worked the Detroit Lakes race when all those trucks and trailers went down a few years ago also.
  3. MNhunter65, sent you a pm
  4. Looks like everyone is staying out of this one? Lol
  5. My wife is looking at buying a 2010 Dodge Caliber, can anyone tell me anything about it? Good? Bad? Or any known problems Thank you
  6. 1993 chevy 4x4 Auto 4.3 engine Went to start tonight and the started stayed engage. So I turned the key off right away and the truck stopped running but the starter was still turning the engine over. Turn the key back to on and the engine started but the starter did not disengage. Back to off and the starter stayed running. Jumped out and disconnected the battery to get it to stop. Could it be possible the solinod is shorted or should I be looking more into something in the steering column? Thanks
  7. Not sure how much it will take, I think it is around a half of a quart. If it has reverse it will take a little more.
  8. There should be a hole in the belly pan right below the chain case to drain the oil. It is a allen wrench type plug. I don't think you will get much out with a suction gun. I just use Polaris synthetic chain case oil or I think you can get a synthetic chain case oil from fleet farm or any parts stores.
  9. I mounted my to the hood of my sled and used my vex battery. It run perfect for the 3 day trip in michigan and it was below zero every morning and never got above 10 deg all day. Same setup also used in west yellowstone.
  10. My mother in law has some late 70's and early 80's trading cards from superman movie, Batman and Star Wars trading cards. Can anyone tell me if they are worth anything or a HSOforum that would tell me the value of them, if there is any value to them at all. Thanks
  11. City of Wadena campground http://www.wadena.org
  12. Drove though our city campground yesterday, about half the sites where open(tent and trailer), by no means a state campground but you would have 2 playgrounds within walking distance of the campground, a creek that is stocked yearly,(this year with sunfish and crappies, the kids have a blast with) and a couple mile bike trail.
  13. Will a center pontoon work with the trailer you have or use to put it in the water?
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