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  1. Looking for a female lab or female golden retriever. I will mainly be waterfowl hunting with some pheasant hunting too. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a good breeder that isn't going to break the pocket book. Trying to stay under 800$. Thanks guys.
  2. I don't know if you have scene this HSOforum before but some of the maps are pretty good, and you can obviously print them off. I find these pretty convenient when I don't have any other options. It all depends on the lake and how recently the DNR has updated it. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/index.html
  3. Hey highlifer, i also attend ballard high, i am a sophomore right now, and rod bender is my math teacher so yes he does teach there. kinda cool
  4. i'd say get wiggins off of the team he is terrible. look for some one who is atleast built and has descent speed. not saying wiggins isn't fast, he just cant seem to get things done. when they are on 3rd and they dump it off to wiggins he is soo slow that the dbacks are already coming up to make the plays when he is 4 yards short of the first down. they need to get some one with quick feet and some agility at the TE spot.
  5. i am feeling you dude. i dont care what anyone says Favre is a STUD. to still be able to throw for 3,000 yrds a season is very good for how old he is. we will see him back next year to take out a few of Marino's records
  6. Hey everyone, I just purchased this Vexilar FL-18 ultra pack this year and was working fine until this last week when i was out using it. i had it in normal mode and was working just fine and then the screen went blank except for the top reading. then it would come back but not near as strong as signal as it was before, what i mean by that is the bottom would be bright red and give me a good signal for my jig and then it would go blank and come back and give me a scattered bottom of green and yellow and wouldnt even pick up my jig. this screen stays anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. i dont know if i should send it back in or if i am just doing something wrong. your help would be appreciated.
  7. same here man. i will be out from 4 to 10 tonight andi am going out all day saturday from 9am to 8pm. and i will be out sunday until about noon. i have to catch some gills and crappies for the superbowl. the addiction has set in.
  8. I just got back in from lost lake tonight and ended up catching 4 crappies my self and my brother caught 3 crappies. we were catching them on waxies and just a plain colored jig. there was a guy that caught 50 in about 6 hours there and we went over to his holes after he left and they were just all over the vexilar. i ended up catching one there at his holes and then we left. i am just curious if anyone has fished it before and what jigs seem to work best. any info will be helpful as i am going to go out all day saturday.
  9. i just purchased a Frabill Ultralight single man ice house that was last years model and had it out last night. i was very pleased. it kept me warm even without a heater because of the black fabric and it was very wind proof. so far i am very pleased. nip
  10. hi everyone, i have been planning on going ice fishing on this public pond tomorrow and the water that i will be fishing is 15 fow, kind of stained and a hard bottom. i like to use just a jig and a eurolarvae or waxie. what would you guys suggest for a presentation and what depth should i have my jig at. thanks nip
  11. hey congrats to the bears. it just shows that the packers, viqueens and detroit all have something to look forward to since the bears are in their conference. also i think that since the packers wooped the bears to end their season the packers deserve this game as much as the bears just my opinion. nip
  12. hey slick, i would love to have on also. if you could just send it to [email protected] thanks alot nip
  13. my dad just took my moms car into the ford guy in des moines, and he said that if your car is not 2005 or newer he wouldnt run any ethanol blend gas in your car or truck. he said that it is hard on stuff and eats stuff up. my moms explorer is a 99 and we have been replacing this 60 dollar part for a while and the reason it has been going out is b/c of the ethanol. so now we run premium in all of our cars.
  14. do you mean the quick flip 2 or the quick fish 2? i mean the quick fish 2. this is a pop up portable not a flip over. nip
  15. hey everyone, has anyone tried out the Eskimo Quick Fish 2. i am thinking about purchasing one at sportsmans. they have them on sale for 120 and i can get another 10 bucks off that. do you think it is worth it. i looking for something lite and easy to move around since i will be taking this off every night when i leave. any advice would be helpful. thanks nip
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