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  1. KMR85

    MSU coach has child porn case dismissed.

    According to lawyer guy on KFAN's Bumber to Bumper show this afternoon the coach doesn't have much legal recourse to go through with. Maybe if MSU decides to still try and let him go for whatever reason he could file a lawsuit against them. It stinks for the coach because he will still have some lawyer fees to pay from this. The team is still in the div II playoffs too. I'd feel bad if he can't make it back to the sidelines while they're still in it.
  2. KMR85

    Hutchinson Tigers Anyone? ( state tourney )

    I agree it was a down year for GSL, but it wasn't that much of an up year for hutch IMO. They got to the state quarterfinals & dome a lot prior to switching to section 2aaaa a few years ago. Then they would get destroyed by Mankato west in the section finals. Now that class 6a formed a lot of the teams that would beat them in section finals or at state in the past have moved up to class 5a. If GSL can get back to what they were and Hutch can maintain what they are it will make for some good conference football in the coming years.
  3. KMR85

    Hutchinson Tigers Anyone? ( state tourney )

    Finally have a chance? This was the first year they've played in the same class. I can't remember the 2010 season, but Hutch is 3-0 against GSL the last 2 years. Both games this year were at least a 20 point spread. I believe next year will be the same result when both teams meet.
  4. KMR85

    Golden Gophers

    Every time they show Kill along the sidelines during a game it just looks like he doesn't have what it takes. I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason I just want to punk him when they show him on TV. It's too bad for his health issues, but I think he's gotta go. As an earlier poster mentioned, that will hurt recruiting better football players.
  5. KMR85

    Vikings VS Bears

    Ponder has made some terrible decisions, but when he gets hit on every drop back I wouldn't put all the blame on him. The Vikings' offensive line is terrible. I would put as much blame on the defensive line too. They can't get any pressure on Cutler and the Bears' offensive line is supposed to be bad.
  6. Nice job Bryce! Looks like fun. It's good to hear the birds are on the move, because I'll be visiting my wife's family in Missouri this weekend. A little duck hunting is on the agenda too. Sounds like there's plenty of birds down there already though.
  7. KMR85

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice PB!
  8. KMR85

    HSO Bear Photo's

    Here's a couple from opening day. Both shot around 7:30pm by brothers. The one on the left was 275lbs field dressed and the one on the right was 230lbs field dressed. The one on the left had a massive skull and some huge paws (pic doesn't do these bears justice). I don't remember the last time we had 2 200+ lb bears on the same day let alone the same season. I saw a small bear on opening night at about 7:50pm but let him eat because he was of similar size to 2 that I've taken in the past. I maybe should've taken him considering I didn't see a bear the next 2 nights and might not be able to get out again this season. Another hunter in our group saw one opening day at 4:20pm but could not get a shot with the bow. He also didn't see another one on Sunday or Monday. He lives near our hunting location so he should be able to get out plenty more this season starting tonight. On opening day 4 of the 5 hunters in our group saw bears. [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  9. Those Moultrie pics are nice. I'll be borrowing a trail cam for bear hunting this year since the person who owns it isn't hunting. I may need my own for deer hunting, so I'm leaning toward Moultrie. Thanks for the recommendations.
  10. Thanks for your recommendations
  11. I'm looking for recommendations on a trail camera. I don't want to go overboard on price (keeping it under $200). After some research I've narrowed it down to Bushnell Trophy Cam (several different models), Moultrie Game Spy M-80XT, or Wildgame Innovations Micro Red 8. If anyone owns any of these cams and wants to make a recommendation I would appreciate your input. If anyone wants to recommend something different I'm open to that as well. Pros and cons would be helpful. My list above has fairly good reviews on various websites, yet it looks like some can be junk right out of the box.
  12. KMR85

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    On Sunday I thought I was going to hammer the channels after landing 2 and missing 1 in the first 30 minutes at spot #1. Ended up landing 3 all the same size as this one in about 3 hours on the water (4:30pm to 7:30pm).
  13. KMR85

    Clicker for Flats?

    On Sunday I was 50% on hookups with channel cats using J-hooks and a bait clicker. Of the three fish I missed one was hooked and on the way to the boat for about 5 ft and then came off. The other two I could feel the hook come out of their mouth. I had come circle hooks, but they were huge (10/0 I think) and I felt they were too big for the waters I was fishing. I haven't used circles much, so my confidence with them is low right now. If I ever make it to a boarder water where two lines are allowed I'll probably rig up a J-hook on one setup and a circle on the other and see how thinkgs pan out. In the meantime I'll stick with J-hooks on the home waters and listen to that sweet sound of the clicker screaming and just give 'em the business. Thanks for all the input in this thread, good stuff.
  14. KMR85

    cut bait?

    I've never used frogs for catfish bait, though I've seen the posts about them working great. Do you guys cut them up at all or do you just hook 'em on live and drown them? On Sunday all I had was some leftover frozen sucker (and crawlers as a backup plan in case I ran out of suckers). I only had a few hours to fish and the suckers lasted just long enough. The cats on the Miss near Elk River seemed hungry and they hammered the cut sucker and the clicker was screaming. I'll comment on that in the bait clicker thread too. After 30 mins in spot 1 I had 2 27" fat channels and missed one more. I thought I would run out of suckers for sure, but it slowed down a bit after that.