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  1. reelemin

    Happy Birthday Reelemin

    Thanks Barb - haven't been on here awhile, no one knows my name lol lol lol
  2. Lake Superior Ice Challenge March 5th - 7th 2010 Ashland, WI wi women fish (all one word) dot com - go to the events page this is an awesome time ladies !!!!!!
  3. reelemin

    What's new?!

    ahh thanks - someone nudged me on the signature
  4. reelemin

    What's new?!

    nope - its by Grand Marais, you interested ?? we lowered the price !
  5. reelemin

    What's new?!

    good argument for that side of the story - Lisa ???? care to comment ?
  6. reelemin

    What's new?!

    awesome idea Barb - get that girl out on the water - for crying-out-loud, a girl needs to fish !!!
  7. reelemin

    Happy Birthday Dee Dee

    Happy birthday DeeDee
  8. reelemin

    What's new?!

    Hey Lisa - awesome about school and clinical work - you're moving on up. Yes getting away from the nursing home once in awhile is a good thing. Not fishing is a bad thing, painting the cabin, a good and bad thing.
  9. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    Hey Nadine Sorry I didn't say goodbye to ya - but you where still snoring away. It was a pleasure to meet you ( and your iphone ) You did awesome fishing and are a filleting natural
  10. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    yea --- what Gill .... I mean she said -
  11. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    LOL LOL - - I just noticed your avitar - LOL
  12. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    we've been chatting about Winni or Leech
  13. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    We had a wonderful weekend at Appledoens - as usaul Paul was more then generous. Fishing was great - Sorry no pics from me - was too busy catching fishing - The launch was awesome, Capt. Dave put us on fish right away. We had more fun and laughter then should be allowed, but we also really missed Lisa, Teresa and Shelly - guess we'll have to do it again - SOON !!
  14. reelemin

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    LOL I'm in for that one ! - LOL
  15. reelemin

    My first trip with the Seniors

    cool - can I wear it when I drive your boat? and does being a captain mean you will remember to put the drain plug in -