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  1. I'm also building a shed and have a question about the floor. I bought a kit from one of those big box stores, they'll round up all the stuff and deliver it, etc. Uses treated 2 x 4's for the floor base. I'm wondering if I put treated 4 x 4's under that, to keep it off the ground, if 3 would provide enough support. Planning on putting a riding mower in there, snow blower, etc. Shed is 8' wide. Also wondering about the best way to build a ramp for it, since now the floor would be 6" or 7" off the ground. Thanks.
  2. I have an older 1 1/2 story house, 1950s vintage. There's maybe 2 feet of block below the siding. It was covered with some kind of cement to give it a uniform look but now I notice in a couple places big patches are cracking off. One spot a soccer ball hit it and a section over a foot square just fell off, exposing the block. Is this something I can patch, or does it need expert attention? Does it have to be redone all the way around? Just wondering if anyone has had this happen. Thanks.
  3. PaulB

    Dog Bite

    Well I'm reassured that this is not a sign of a developing problem. Honestly the little guy has been great. Very affectionate and people friendly. I have started taking both dogs collars off in the house, and trying to cut down on some of the more aggressive play. I'm just not sure how much "wrestling" is necessary for them to sort out their place in the pack, so to speak. Little guy is getting neutered next week. I wonder how that will impact their interaction. Thanks for the replies.
  4. PaulB

    Dog Bite

    Just looking for a little input. I have two dogs, one lab about 2 1/2 years and one lab/mix about 6 months. They like to growl and "wrestle" and generally play like I assume all dogs do (first dogs I've had as a grownup). The other day the little one's collar got stuck on one of the big dog's teeth while they were tussling and he started making the most godawful noises. Big dog was trying to back away but the collar got twisted. So I jump in to try to get it off and the little one bit me a couple times. Nothing serious, a little blood and some bruises. Thor has never bit anyone else is always very gentle around people. I figure he was just scared to death (even dropped a little doo-doo on the carpet) and thought I was attacking him too or maybe he was really trying to bite the other dog. My real question is should I be worried this will happen again under different circumstances? Thanks for wading thru the long winded story.
  5. Anyone care to relate their experiences with using a wall mounted unit vs a ceiling unit? I have one of those story and a half houses and think it would be easier and less risky to punch a hole thru the wall than thru the ceiling and the roof. Just looking for some advice. Thanks
  6. My son is interested in getting into bowhunting. He has cousins who are involved now. I'm thinking of getting him some used equipment instead of investing a ton in new right off the bat. I saw an ad for a PSE Lightning with arrows, quiver, release, stabilizer, sights and cases for $150. Is that a reasonable deal, assuming the gear is in good shape? There's no "blue book" for this stuff, so I'm looking for some experienced opinions. Or am I better off with something like a Fred Bear Buckmaster set, but then I have to still buy all the extras. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  7. PaulB

    Clam 5600

    I bought one a couple years ago and it's good for a couple people, two, three if you're friendly. But I always have too much gear so two is my max. Also, it's fairly heavy and clunky to move around, put in the truck, etc. But not terrible. It's been sturdy and is easy to set up. Tends to get pushed around by the wind though. Bottom line, I'm happy with mine though for more than 2 a 6800 would be nice.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone. Hopefully I'll get out Saturday a.m. and with any luck will find some biters.
  9. With the first hard cold snap of the season upon us, what impact will that have on the fishing? I've seen it shut down the bite in the summer, but is it different in fall when the fish are more actively eating, getting ready for winter? Just wondering about others views/opinions/experiences. Thanks.
  10. I camped there a couple years ago, Memorial Day weekend. Park is nice, lots of wild life around. Hiking trails etc. Can't tell you too much about the fishing, we did a little from a canoe but didn't catch too much. Seemed like lots of room to fish though. We had a good trip.
  11. Has anyone stayed here? Especially this year? I'm wondering if there is a place to tie up my boat (only have a 14 ft'er), if launching is a problem with the lake level down, etc. Also if decent fishing is nearby. Thanks
  12. PaulB

    New tip-up!

    Really, I'm not obsessed with this but... would they be legal because the fish could still pull line out from the reel, just like a tip up, even though the drag might keep it from happening quickly? So it's not really a set line, in that you're using a reel? Seems like a technicality to me, but maybe that's how they get away with it. Things are a little slow at work today...
  13. PaulB

    New tip-up!

    Don't mind that previous post, I was remembering seeing that battery powered auto-jigging tip-up and that's what I was thinking about. Clearly this is something entirely different. Anybody ask the DNR if they're legal in MN?
  14. PaulB

    New tip-up!

    Are they blue? If so, I think the automatic part just refers to the fact they jig your bait automatically, I think otherwise they work like regular tip ups. I saw them at GM in Maple Grove, also FleetFarm in Brooklyn Park. At least that was my impression of how they worked. Sure were kind of noisy in the store though. Don't know how that sound would transmit underwater.
  15. PaulB

    Gun Cleaning

    Lets say, hypothetically, my gun did get damp, and some surface rust developed. How do I safely remove that?
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