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  1. What is the maximum amount of time you can wait before you have to get the mounted?
  2. Do they taste about the same as walleyes?
  3. The ice fish eagle combo from Cabelas. I have the UL rod which has great sensitivity, the reel is also smooth and outstanding.
  4. I hear the one one harbor freight is a good entry level camera, only $100 too.
  5. Yep...and proud of it. Of course on a relative scale to the rest of the people down here in the south I am probably considered pretty mild. In Missouri, we sometimes take redneck to a new level. But of course we don't have all the (Contact Us Please) laws that prevent taking adavantage of the redneck ways like MN has.
  6. Anyone ever fished any of these mine lakes? How did you do, do any of them have lakers in them?
  7. Wash them in Hydrogen Peroxide. Go get a powdered version like Oxyclean. The Hydrogen Peroxide takes a while to work, but will work if you give it some time. Use warm water to dissolve the powder. The Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the funk!
  8. Not to get off the subject. But why wouldn't you like a 10 in. hole, I have a 9 in. auger right now and wished I would have gone to the 10 in. The more liquid I have in front of me the easier it is to land a fish!!!
  9. Oh..you guys didn't hear? Vexilar bought out Marcum and will be discontinuing all Marcum producuts...Cabelas was just the first to sell out! Thought everyone knew that. Calm Down People. And the above passage was totally fabricated.
  10. I am all for the small business and always support them when I can. The reason I like Cabelas is their 100% satisfaction guarantee, not happy with something after 2 or so years...take it back, this is why I spend so much money there.
  11. Look on hsolist. I found some new ones for under $40 including shipping.
  12. The nice thing about ice tackle is it's smalled and you could carry a couple hundred jigs in a small tackle box. Buy as many rods as you can and pre-rig them for what you are going after and keep them at the ready so you can change fast!
  13. Go to a batteries plus store in the twin cities. You need to ask for a 12 volt 18 amp hour sealed battery. They should be in that $40 arena. [Note from admin: Edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.
  14. Come on guys...if you smoke, just throw the butts in the hole and cover them with snow! It helps them biodegrade way faster!!!!! (Kidding...put them in a pop can, I can't stand it either. When I fly fish I put them in a 35mm film canister and deposit them in the trash at a later time)
  15. I was in the same boat, I live in MO and can't go in this state at all. You NEED to get a flasher at any cost, it will make your ice fishing far more productive than you could imagine. It was hard for me to swallow the $275 for my vexilar but worth it. I would forget the rods, bait and beer before I forgot my flasher!! Go to hsolist you may be able to get a used one there.
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