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  1. WTN4ICE

    Early birthday present

    Doe's she have any single sisters ???
  2. WTN4ICE

    Mr. Heater problems...again?

    Sometimes DRASTIC measures are necessary !!!
  3. WTN4ICE

    Strikemaster Auger Blades

    Thanks for the info.
  4. WTN4ICE

    Strikemaster Auger Blades

    I replaced the blades on a drill I bought from a friend can the old ones be sharpened ? I know there was a exchange program in the past but I didn't see anything about it on the site. Any info appreciated.It's on a 10in lazer two blade drill.
  5. WTN4ICE

    what snow machines are you using?

    A guy at Ultimate Transportation in Fargo made it..works good to carry a 20lb propane and gas can. In hindsight it should have been just a little wider to fit around two milk crates. Cost me 75.00 for materials and labor.It is removeable but it also covers up the tailight ..a simple fix but I live with it.
  6. WTN4ICE

    Two portys out today

    Ran down to Alex today didn't see anybody out on the way down..saw two portys on a small pond west side of 94 in the Fergus area.
  7. WTN4ICE

    what snow machines are you using?

    95 Polaris XLT 2up. I pull a Voyager and a otter medium sled and sometimes a passenger..plenty of power...has some miles but still running strong.
  8. I have to be in Alex today at 4:00pm to pick up my grandaughter I will bring the refletik with me. Anybody intrested give me a call 701-799-0280 will be leaving Fargo around 1:30. I have 11ft of the 4ft still in the roll never used and a fitted piece that came out of my Voyager all free first call takes it.
  9. The roll and fitted piece from my Voyager will be headed for Alex today as I am picking up my grandaughter at 4:00 leaving Fargo at 1:30...anybody interested ??? I am sure this will get moved but I am just trying to help out a fellow ice nut...701-799-0280.
  10. WTN4ICE

    Free Refletix

    I have to be in Alexandria Sunday at 4pm to pick up my grandaughter. Anybody that way interested ??? Leaving Fargo around 1:30 Give me a call 701-799-0280.
  11. I have 11ft of the 4ft still in the roll never used that I have no use for FREE to anyone who wants it. This is enough to do a Voyager or smaller porty. I may also have the fitted piece that came out of my Voyager also FREE !!!!! I am in south Fargo. Did I mention it's all FREE !!!
  12. WTN4ICE

    And so this also begins: MN ice angler falls through ice

    I love to ice fish as much as anyone but I was taught one clear message growing up. If you are stupid you are going to die.This may be a little harsh but it has kept me alive so far. Hope this guy recovers and LEARNS from his mistake.
  13. WTN4ICE

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    No idea who this guy is but perhaps he had a long night and needed a power nap while the dog patiently waits.
  14. WTN4ICE

    Mr Heater Big Buddy

    Speaking of smashing one...been there done that !!!!
  15. WTN4ICE

    Snowmobile for Ice Fishing

    My 95 XLT 2-up does the job,plenty of power,added a rack and Ram mount for gps.