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  1. This past weekend myself and some other brought up a bottles to the deer shack. They were: Jim Beam Single Barrel which was surprisingly good Knob Creek Rye - very good Tin Cup - good Evan Williams Single Barrel - good all over the rocks for me. My dad and buddy were drinking the Knob Creek neat
  2. I bought the Gen 3 for my boat this year and then I decided to try to rig it up for Ice Fishing. I brought it out over the holiday's and I loved it. The only problem is that it went through my battery in approximately 2 hrs. I was hoping for some advice on how to extend the life of the battery through the settings.
  3. Thank you. Never seen either in action so I appreciate the feedback
  4. I'm wondering if I should make myself a jerk cord system or to buy one of those Lucky Duck Vibrating duck deals. Does anybody have a preference?
  5. slice it up about 1/4 inch, dredge in flour/bisquick mixture, with the spices of your choice (garlic, pepper, lawrys) throw it in with some oil and about a tablespoon of butter and dip in Heinz 57
  6. Did you use equal parts for the salt, brown, and white sugar?
  7. I have the 40" stainless with the window. I also use the Amazen smoker....for about 3 years now. If you lite both ends of the maze you get about 4 hrs of good smoke. I have not used my water tray for anything other than collecting the drippings since I got the amazen smoker and have never had anything dry out on me.
  8. Beer Cheese Soup and double smoked ham sandwiches
  9. Our group is looking for a different alternative to LOW. What other resorts on Devils Lake beside Woodland offer ice Fishing packages with permanent fish houses?
  10. My Dad and his 2 partners bought our deer camp in 1982. Since then it has grown to 18 on opening weekend with all of us kids growing up. I say opening weekend because the majority of the guys now only hunt 1-3 days total. We have about 7-8 of us that stay the entire 9 days. We have kept journals since the beginning. There was a couple years in the 80's where they didn't shoot a deer. The all time high was 13 in the early 2000's. The camp average for the last 32 years is 6, this year we shot 5. Last year we shot 3. We all hunt on the Tamarac refuge. Game cameras, fancy stands, 4-wheelers are all illegal. Wolves have been present since the 90's. Do your homework, scout and put hours in the field and it will pay off. Like Todd said, it's no different than fishing, except when there's snow, it's easier to figure out if they're actually there or not.
  11. My dad just bought a new pair of Danners last week before our Pheasant trip. The first day he wore them he crossed the drainage swale and he found out that they leaked. He brought them back yesterday, but that is very disappointing. I'm in need of another pair of boots (my 3rd pair of Danners)and I'm reluctant to go that route this time. My previous 2 pairs of Danners last about 7 yrs each.
  12. One other thing to keep in mind. I am still on my first dog and one mistake I made was only training in the yard or a maintained lot. My dog is now 7 and he still hunt's with his eyes first, nose second. Granted my lab was a $250 dog, but I place most of the blame on myself by not properly growing his instincts.
  13. I love this recipe and My neighbor just gave me all of his pickle size cucumbers. Do you think if I just did the sanitizing and boiling procedures (maybe add a little alum) I could turn this recipe into a longer keeping recipe and not have to keep them in the fridge?
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