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  1. 89Bronco

    Wolf Lottery Results are up

    I got one, too. I guess I know what I'll be doing during Christmas Break...unless the quota is filled by then.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. That's what I figured. I was going to do some links last night but some unscheduled things happened. I think I'll have time tomorrow ...otherwise BULK it is!
  3. I have a question: If I'm making fresh sausage and I get to the stage where everything is ground and mixed up, but something comes up and I don't have time to stuff it into the casings, can I freeze that batch, and later when I have the time let it thaw and then stuff? Can it sit in the fridge for a couple of days before it gets stuffed? Thanks
  4. 89Bronco

    Beginner Deer Hunter Book

    Dr. Ken Nordberg. He has a whole series of deer hunting books plus a book on DIY Black Bear Hunting. Is that the one you're thinking of DD?
  5. 89Bronco

    Filson vs Cabela's Outfitter Wool Pants

    I know, I know, you asked for Filson vs. Cabela's. If it's just between those two and money is no object I would choose Filson. However, the best wool pants I've ever had come from the Bemidji Woolen Mills. Look them up. I wear them icefishing, deer hunting, snowshoeing, rabbit hunting, late-season football games, etc. They are heavy-duty. If I remember right...it's been so long ago...if you are in their store, they will measure you up and make them to fit you. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  6. I like it. I can tag & register it at the same time. And I don't remember anyone ever actually looking at the deer when I brought it in. Maybe back in the late 70's when I hunted with my dad.
  7. 89Bronco

    bear guns??

    Schmoe...I use a .44mag as well, for both bear and deer.
  8. 89Bronco

    Cant take this longer

    They might have a reason for their delay on missing the their own deadline, but if we had a great reason for missing the deadline to get the application in we'd be S.O.L!
  9. 89Bronco

    Bear application deadline

    This would be great.
  10. 89Bronco

    Bear application deadline

    Pulleye, I think that is great that you donate all of your time, energy, and money toward the outdoors. We need more people like you. And I don't think anybody hates you or people like you. I think people maybe get upset with the idea of someone winning the application process and then not going through with getting the license. Let's just say, for the sake of the discussion, there are 100 tags in a certain zone. Let's say 150 people apply for that zone. All 100 "winners" could decide they aren't hunting that year, which would be their right to do. But that also means 50 people will not be hunting that zone regardless if the 100 who "won" the application buy a license or not. Again, I don't think anyone is trying to make personal attacks...at least I hope not. We're all in this together. I hope you get to go this fall.
  11. 89Bronco

    Bear application deadline

    I hope they do this, also. Those tags should not go to waste. Sometimes things come up and people can't go hunting for whatever reason, but then someone else who did plan should be able to purchase the tag.
  12. 89Bronco

    Bear application deadline

    I got my application done at Gander Mtn. in Waite Park tonight...no problems at all.
  13. 89Bronco

    Moose Hunt Application Question

    Shoot2Kill--- I did exactly what you want to do. My wife and I applied to make it a group of two and I went on my own. At the place where I was staying, I met another guy who did the same thing. He happened to have one of his nephews there in case he got anything. Nobody can help you take the moose, but once it is down, the hunt is over and the MN National Guard can help you get it out if you have connections. A few phone calls after I got mine and I had 3 helpers who knew what they were doing help me pack mine out. The CO at our moose class (which my wife did attend) said anyone can be with you taking pictures, videos, etc.---but they cannot be carrying weapons, or scouting or guiding. Maybe that's changed in the last couple of years but that's what I know. Good luck...it's a blast!
  14. 89Bronco

    Bear application deadline

    I also hope that there is some sort of glitch. I was going to apply on Wednesday. The DNR HSOforum says the deadline for bear and moose applications is the "first Friday in May."
  15. 89Bronco

    Moose 2010

    I would apply. I was drawn in '07, but I had been applying for about 6-7 years or so. The other hunter I was staying with on the opening weekend had been applying since the late 80's and finally was drawn. You might get picked the first year, but the odds are slim. Good luck!