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  1. I've been out on the bear several times, Caught a nice walleye but that's it. Anybody catching any crappies?
  2. I was on a metro lake tonight that I'd been fishing the past days. Every hole I popped had 5 " of solid ice. Tonight I brought along the gas auger because I was tired of drilling by hand. I was poppen holes left and right when my auger went through without effort. I am lucky not to have went through. It was about 2" of ice. Three feet over... 5" I am lucky to be home with my kids. I will never be that confident on the ice again.
  3. Just booked 4 days and 4 nights of fishing at Wigwams.Im heading up the week of the 27th. Itll be me , my wife and 3 boys, ages 10,8 and 6.We have never done anything like this. Man am I excited. I hope we make some memories that last a life time!!!!
  4. over a 4 day period last week: 2 broken ploe tips and 1 down the hole latern burn in my otter skin. crank down snagged a snow bank and toreup the siding. got stuck on a launch....slid back with the crank down attached to the truck.Scratched up my truck. New under water camera i got for christmas didnt work. I have been catching fish tho.....
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  6. Just Me

    4x4 quad

    Santa got me a Aqua Vu 4x4 quad.First time out, found out the cameras encasment wasnt air tight. It filled with moisture. Taking it back. Any body else have this problem? Thanks Just me
  7. ditto for me what blackdog101 said plus getten the boys out and teaching them. Just Me
  8. Just Me

    What if?

    let go down the hole. Just Me
  9. Just Me


    Bald Eagle is a good metro lake for crappies. use wax worms or a really small minnow on a bare hook.they should be anywhere in 25-30FOW. good luck. Just Me
  10. I have a 6.5 x 16 FT king crow. Had it since 2002 with out any problems. I like the fact its lite weight. My ATV pulls her around like nothing so I can get out on 6-8" of good ice. Just Me
  11. I dont know....these people. I posted before...last year someone tryed to steal mine while it was parked in my yard with a wheel lock & hitch lock. Both locks were the result of previous tampering & theft attempts. I never leave it on the ice. Mine is a KING CROW as well. Just Me
  12. Frozen Fish....boilerguys way Fresh Fish......around the bones. Just Me
  13. Just Me

    Frozen Fish

    I agree with black dog. Ive cleaned frozen fish, days frozen and can say they are just as tasty. I even kind of like alittle freeze to my fish. makes em easyer to clean Just Me
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