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  1. JConrad

    What would you have done?

    You showed class!!! Good for you!!!
  2. JConrad

    Dog Vest Solution

    Great idea. I have the same issue with my deep chested Griffon. Have not found a vest that doesn't rub her raw. Thanks.......
  3. Glad to hear the corn is coming out... Finally cooler weather on the way..... Will be out alot over the next few weeks!
  4. Just a reminder ..... With these warm days in MN and the Dakotas (60's to low 70's) we need to be extra careful working our dogs. I remember what happened a few years back when a good number of hunting dogs died from over heating in MN and SD. Carry plenty of water and really watch your dog. If your dog is like mine she will not quit working.
  5. We need to take away the crop insurance subsidies, ethenol subsidies, and add put more money into the Conservation Reserve Programs. For the most part the small family farms are going away and it's all about big business. Our farm community is no longer a "steward of the land". Thanks big government for your contribution to land stewardship! Really sad to say the least. Just my humble opinion...
  6. JConrad

    2012 Pheasant reports

    Agree with DrJ..... Just came back from 5 days NW of Aberdeen in the Eureka area. Most WPA's and WMA's have been either hayed or cattle have grazed the fields where they look more like golf courses. Also, most ditches have been hayed. The result is very little cover and few birds. We hunted mostly cattails and did ok but this has to be the worst SD pheasant hunting that I have experienced in many many years. Habitat is becomming a very big issue. Not sure if I will go back in December like I normally do. Real bummer! Very similiar to what has happened in Iowa and Minnesota. SD is going to start losing significant revenue when out of state hunters stop making their annual trip.
  7. JConrad


    NEWS RELEASE Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S Webster, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707 Phone: 888-936-7463 TDD: 711 dnr.wi.gov - www.wisconsin.gov Archived under: [dnr.wi.gov/news] Wisconsin's long fought battle to manage growing wolf populations within its borders is nearly over Contact(s): Bill Cosh, DNR spokesperson – (608) 267-2773 MADISON -- With the announcement today that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is removing the gray wolf from Endangered Species Act protection (exit DNR), Wisconsin’s long fought battle to manage growing wolf populations within its borders is nearly over. Gov. Scott Walker has charged the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with being ready to begin implementing Wisconsin’s Wolf Management plan by Feb. 1, 2012. “We are eager and ready to take on the challenges of wolf management,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “We appreciate Governor Walker’s attention to this issue.” More information about the gray wolf in Wisconsin and a copy of the Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan are available on the DNR HSOforum. Stepp also thanked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (exit DNR) for their responsiveness to the concerns that she raised, especially with regard to their finding that the population of wolves in the Western Great Lakes is a single species. In addition, she praised the work of Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation and that of Michigan and Minnesota in raising the importance of addressing this issue now at the national level. “I want to acknowledge the citizens of Wisconsin for their patience as we worked on the delisting,” said Stepp. “They were persistent in bringing their concerns to my attention. It is because of that persistence that we were able to achieve the delisting.” Today’s action is only the first step in the process. Once wolves are delisted, the DNR will be able to do depredation controls, via trapping and permits to landowners in depredation areas. “While the department is committed to long-term conservation of wolves in Wisconsin, it is critical that we be allowed to manage wildlife populations within our borders,” said Stepp.
  8. JConrad

    Aberdeen area

    Just back from west of Aberdeen. My guess is bird counts are down 60 - 70 percent. Most low areas on Public land underwater. Big lost of nesting habitat for several years to come. Also most roadside ditches have been cut/hayed which makes no sense. We had to really work for the birds that we did get. I did have some private land to hunt the first two days and did well there. Public land was not very good. SoDak needs to wake up on the habitat issue going forward.... I normally go back in December but will not this year. It's not worth the time and expense given the low bird numbers.
  9. Just back from 5 days west of Aberdeen. Very dissapointing bird numbers. Most low areas on Public hunting land is underwater which means great nesting habitat is gone for several years. Also, most road side ditches have been cut/hayed which I really don't understand. The Aberdeen area is fast losing much of the great habitat that has existed over the years. My guess is bird count is down 60 - 70 percent in the area. The outlook for the next several years is not very good unless farming practices change. I normally go out to the area in November and then again in December. I will not go out this December. South Dakota needs to wake up on this topic!
  10. JConrad

    WI Opener

    620 VS - Optimax 250.... My second 620.... Sold my 2005 last year. Will post a pic when I get the boat...
  11. JConrad

    WI Opener

    Picking up my new Ranger tomorrow and will be on the water in S. WI in the afternoon. Back home in Nisswa on Thursday.... Crazy spring but I think a wonderfull summer ahead...
  12. My son and I are going to be in the Aberdeen/Ipswich area in a week. How much snow is on the ground. Please let us know. Thanks, Joel
  13. JConrad

    bass fishing at night

    black jitterbug is a really great night time lure. My dad fished them way back in the 50's and 60's in Wisconsin and MN. Lure has been around for a long time! He also fished big black hula poppers at night. The man caught a lot of big fish back then before the sophisticated electronics.
  14. JConrad

    bass fishing at night

    Shallow water and loud top water baits.... I really like to fish buzz baits at night. Have over the years caught some of my biggest fish.... What is nice is the wind will die down many nights so top water is great. Bug spray is essential on many nights especially when you are close to shore.
  15. JConrad

    Pro Angler Caught Cheating

    Reminds me of back when I was tournament fishing, two guys (I won't mention their names) had won several tournaments in a row until they were caught on Lake Minnetonka using live bait! It was quite embarassing to say the least since these two were very well known on the MN bass circuit. I was fishing the tournament that weekend and remember it quite well. I knew the family of one of the guys and coached his son in little league. Sure made it difficult for me knowing what had happened. Greed and the desire to win no matter what the cost is a really terrible thing and can cloud the minds of even very successful individuals.