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  1. gatorhunter

    Lake Winnipeg

    I read your post and interpreted incorrectly. That's because ppl from south of the 49th have brought minnows soaked in antifreeze which made them look dead. Once in Manitoba the minnows were put in a pail of water and started swimming around. Sobered up I guess. To keep your minnows on hook just use a small piece of powerbait or other soft rubber type of material and put it on the hook after you place the bait on it.
  2. It is legal to bring dead minnows into Manitoba.
  3. gatorhunter

    Lake Winnipeg

  4. gatorhunter

    35mm slide scanning

    All I did was buy the $40 viewer/scanner and loaded up a whole bunch of my old slides. Worked like a charm.
  5. How it's okay to post this link. Couple of Manitoba anglers who are on their way to fishing video stardom!
  6. gatorhunter

    Neultin Lake

    Have you tried contacting the lodge owners to see what is planned for 2012? They took a big kick in gluteus maximus last year. All their water based infrastructure was high and dry which made operating the lodge not viable. Takes some kind of serious event to make a lodge giant like Nueltin completely shut down their operations.
  7. God's Lake is a phenomenal multi-specie fishery. Trophy northern, lake trout, walleye and natural brook trout. There are 3 or 4 lodges on the lake. Do your research as this particular lodge may not have what you truly want from a lodge. Query Lee Nolden from Manitoba as he used to own one of the lodges up there. He'll give you the information that you need. You can also look up the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association and read up on what's available.
  8. gatorhunter

    Ears smelling bad?

    We should just call it lab ear. Extremely common due to the conditions described. When you apply the ointment or wash you have to massage the ear canal. As a preventative measure I regularly massage my labs ear canals. That loosens the c r u d and it comes out when he shakes his head. He's only had 1 infection in 5 years.
  9. gatorhunter

    Honeymoon in Maui - Some photos to share

    You're pretty good with a camera! Excellent composition on your shots!
  10. gatorhunter


    Paterno had to go and I think that the end of year retirement was the correct way. Clearly Paterno did not do enough at the time that he found out. Unfortunately, Paterno's firing has replaced the actual sexual assaults as the story! By firing Paterno, all Penn State did was take attention off the scum bag Sandusky who is the real violator.
  11. gatorhunter

    jump in pickup???

    The books that I read said the same thing! Kennel for anything you want the dog to enter. On the bonus side is that none of my dogs have ever jumped out of the back of a truck. I can literally leave my lab in the box (in the shade) all day long and he won't jump out. Same with the cab. Leave him in the cab with the windows wide open and he won't jump out.
  12. Very good representation of life on the fire line. Burned hot in many areas! How did you guys get that gig? Did the State ask for you, did you ask the State? Must have been a purpose behind letting you guys in active fire area.
  13. gatorhunter

    Hunting Pals

    Love seeing the dog photos. That's why I go to the 38 page thread just down a bit.
  14. gatorhunter

    The X Factor

    100% agreement. Well maybe 99% agreement. That should not even have been shown. The show wasn't live so that freak should have been edited. Show started real slow for us, picked up some steam but then the silver suited X rated loser brought it to a new low. What also got me was how the judges kept watching the guy. Paula didn't get sick until she had many really long looks at the freak. I don't even think that NS looked away at all. Show picked up again after that. Some good singers.
  15. gatorhunter

    Banff - Jasper Trip

    Wonderful photos of Canadian Rocky Mountain scenery. FYI, if you put a space/between your photos, they'll show even better!