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  1. That why I like my Tyee!! I dont like to get wet!
  2. That is correct! Unless i need to move to a different area or get snagged up! The trolling speed is almost infinitely variable from the idle to top end! The top button give you a momentary fast speed. As long as you hold the momentary button the motor runs at near top speed! Hope this helps!
  3. The Idle run button switch's from idle speed to the speed you have selected to troll at. So when you are done idling you hit the button and go right back to your selected speed! If you wanted to stop all forward motion you still have to shift to neutral!!
  4. I would start with pigeons or quail.Does he do it with all of his retreiving objects or just birds? Another option is have him retrieve a hair brush or something that he will not want too clamp down on. I would not get too drastic here. I have heard of putting spikes in birds etc.I would not go there! If it persists I think force fetching can help also! But I would not jump to any conclusions. 12 weeks is kinda young.The hold comand can be usefull also. Teach him to hold a bird with out chomping it, but i would wait till later for this also! Im sure you will get lots of good info here so keep checking!
  5. One school of thought is to start them retreiving frozen birds if they tend to be hard on the birds! I would get all the advice i can if you think hard mouth is going to be a problem. the longer it goes the harder it is to change!
  6. Dog training is a lot like being a parent! You don't know if you can do it, till you do it. And just like parenting you kinda learn as you go. And like parenting there will be unwanted and unexpected challenges but taking the time to do it and patients and love are the 3 key ingredients! You will be happy you did!
  7. Blaze Well said!! For me its about the dog and I cant say it any better than blaze. I could never find any joy in the South Dakota road hunter style even tho its perfectly legal in SD!
  8. I have to agree with what has been already said. I have a 2006 150 verado with smartcraft and the DTS. Great System. One word of advice.Try and buy a 2008 if you can! Rumor has it that the 2008's will be available with out the California Emissions stuff and will have better Fuel economy! [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Good Luck!
  9. I installed one on a Merc a few months ago! It was just as previously mentioned! And worth every penny!!
  10. Chak I agree. That is where i bought mine. Never again. Boat was fine. Dealer was not!
  11. I owned a Smokercraft 172 Millintea for 5 years. Bought it new. No complaints about the boat. Seats were fine. may be different than others mentioned. Solid boat for the money! They are the same boat as Sylvan. So if you find one of them they are basically the same.made in the same factory!
  12. Sounds like Rapala has this figured out.! This is a new out of the box lure! Take it back to the retailer!! HA! Who keeps receipts?? I think that is just what Rapala figured out. Not many!
  13. Try Too Fish


    Has anyone returned any Rapala lures to the company for warranty? I have a shad rap that will not stay tuned. I could not find any warranty info for lures on there web page! Thanks
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