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  1. Hi all! Thought I would post another round of Hawaii pics. A few of the many that we took during our trip in July. Hope you enjoy, I know looking at them makes me want to go back!! Sea turtle giving me the stinkeye. Coastal view on Chain of Craters Road at Volcano National Park. Cinder cone near the top of Mauna Kea, the colors up there were amazing. Altar at the end of my hike to the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii's highest point at 13,796'. Observatory in the background. Sunset off of Alii Drive in Kona. Sunset from my mother-in-laws lanai in Kona. Sunset on the North end of the island.
  2. Ace

    Finally! I have a Boat...

    Nice ride...I want one:-)
  3. Was out on Saturday from about 6:00 until noon or so. Fishing was kind of slow...Started for walleyes, ended up with none, but did manage a very hefty bluegill. We switched tactics to drifting and bobber fishing and got a mixed bag of sunnies, perch, bass, and a couple rockbass. Missed one northern, and that was about the extent of our action. got pretty darn warm when the clouds cleared out so we headed home.
  4. Some pics of some lava formations we saw while visiting Hawaii this past July. Pretty crazy to think that this solid rock was once a goopy liquid or even flowing like water. It's also pretty crazy that vegetation is even growing there. A lot of cool rocks and flows to look at it if you are interested in that stuff...I'd have a lot more pics but my wife doesn't find it as interesting as me:-) Lava flow over a rock ledge. A few interesting ropy lava flows...'Pahoehoe" A heave in the flow, that's Kilauea in the background. View looking across the floor of the Kilauea Iki Crater, an absolutely amazing 4 mile hike. (people on right side for scale) Trail marker on the hike with crater wall in background. It was a long ways back up:-)
  5. Another batch of orchids for the flower lovers out there. Again, all unedited, shot with Sony Alpha 300. Thanks for lookin'!
  6. Ace


    Saw a guy fishing from shore on the Croix, chatted with him for a minute. I notice he has a length of about 1/8" rope running into the river near him, I ask him if he has something on the stringer. He explained to me it was his 'chumbag'. Apparently he tied up a piece of burlap with all sorts of stinky bait in it and tosses it out while fishing. Wasn't sure if this was legal or not, anyone know out there? Wasn't sure if I should have called the tipline or not... He was also using beef liver as bait, anyone use this regularly or have success with it? Thanks, --Ace
  7. Any reports on the fishing or water levels? May go next Monday, but was hoping to get some info before I committ to an hour+ drive. Thanks!
  8. A few orchid pics...Some aren't the sharpest, I'm trying a few things out with my camera and lenses and the focusing...still learning:-) All shot with a Sony Alpha 300, no editing done. I'll start with the yellow ones, post some more this week.
  9. Ace

    Lure Question

    That looks like the one guys, thanks! Now, if I could find one for sale...
  10. Ace

    Lure Question

    Hi all, Saw a guy fishing over the fourth with what looked like a big moss boss lure, probably about 4 inches long maybe, yellow with red spots on it. I checked the Heddon site and I don't think it was a moss boss lure. It looked more like a wooden lure, and the colors didn't match anything on their site. Any ideas what it may have been? Thanks!
  11. Ace

    walleye rigs

    I've been making some of these too, what test line do you typically use for these? I'll be tying some up this winter to take to Canada next year, but I need to get line...Any suggestions on what has worked well or what to stay away from as far as line goes? Thanks!
  12. We will be fishing near Ignace, ON if this is the place I decide to go with. I emailed the owner and she said the fishing is just as good, but the weather is better and there are less bugs. We aren't diehard walleye guys by any means, we just want a chance to get up to some better waters than what I have around home...I don't want it to be a bust either though. Thanks for the info again guys.
  13. My vote is for #2 also, very nice pics all around though!
  14. Thanks for the info guys, I've got some emailing to do:-)