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    anyone ever fish in idaho

    Years ago i seem to remeber traveling through idaho and stopping in some little farm town and seeing a creek running through downtown no wider that 2 feet nor deeper than a foot but it was clear COLD water and low and behold there were a couple 20+in. cutties sitting right next to the truckstop! If i dig through some old info and find the name of the town ill let ya know...

    Eelpout Fishing?

    Man id love to catch one of these guys! They are amazing fish and sound super good!

    Going bathroom while fishing

    Find a sturdy bat sized tree grab ahold and let her' rip!

    Good Fillet Knife's?

    Mister Twister Electric...!!! Does the job and is way quicker than even some of the old timers ive paired up against that have all the experience of traditional knifes! But i still say get what you are most comfortable with...

    Good eating sized keepers...

    If its over 7'' it hits the pan!!!


    good thing all the sleds are in the shop, no ridin for me!
  7. I dont know about this weather... Better be able too fish through march thats all i gotta say!

    Asking people advice on the lake...

    I guess i fall into that grumpier old man category... Sure ill tell someone if a lake has been decent but thats about all theyll get... i work really hard for alot of my fishing spots and as long as i can clearly tell someone else works as hard finding their spots then i may be a LITTLE more liberal. It really is too easy for an area to get fished out so i do tend to keep a tight lip. Summer time when we dont leave "tracks" of where we have been ill tell people more details but winter is to easy to follow in somebody elses shoes(littlerally). And local anglers get alot more info than "guests"...

    Fish in Tank?

    I think it would awesome to buy 100 bucks worth of gamefish put em in an aquarium and raise em for a couple years feeding them old minnows, nightcrawlers from the yard, insects in the house, etc... until the get huge and eating them or mounting them...(pending the law)
  10. ICE_KING


    Perch Destroyer u have to be with some PD? Man u have those statutes on lockdown all over the boards! It really is a grey line not black and white at all, officer discretion and persons actions and/or reactions to all the tests and questions they are put through. Plain and simple though, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! I know if someone hit one of my family members and hurt or killed them and they blew a .02 even, i would be really upset, and would definetally push the judicial system to have alcohol charges be very seriously looked into!
  11. I think the reading has more to do with reflective surface more than anything else. Whether an airbladder or not. A jig only has so much reflective surface so no matter how much you turn the gain up you will reach a point where it dont get any bigger. So a small fish having smaller surface area can only reflect back a smaller line while a larger fish which has more surface area reflects a larger target, whether its the air bladder or not that is up for debate. Personally i believe it has the most to do with surface area of a denser than water substance...IMO
  12. ICE_KING

    Fishhouse cooking ideas

    Omlets in a ziplock, quick easy, no mess, no cleanup, tasty, and filling for those cold winter days!
  13. ICE_KING

    best lake trout lures & techniques

    Just got a bigger jigging rap today in white with a hint of chartruese. For seven bucks my knot better hold! How you guys do using them things any way? Tip em with smelt/ciscoe or plain???
  14. ICE_KING

    600 polaris

    yea the ves valves had rocks in them! tore the doughnut looking gaskets inside of them all to shreds, no wonder why it was spitting oil! now i just need to get the right peice for the 700's exhaust and we should be set to go on our annual ride!
  15. ICE_KING

    Decal & LOGOwear DEALS NOW Available.

    Got my decal in a couple days ago and love it! wish i woulda waited till it was warmer though cause some of the letters didnt stick that well in the cold so the "s" looks kinda like a "c"...