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  1. I just closed on a property that I used Agstar to finance. Tips: Buy land well below tax value. Agstar will allow you to calculate your downpayment on appraised value, not purchase price. In other words, if you buy cheap you may not need ANY downpayment. Having tillable acreage for income makes it easier to get your loan approved. You can expect rates about ~2% above prevailing mortgage rates. Not too shabby.
  2. I feel a little hypocritical responding to this thread.. as I've certainly bought my share of goodies designed to make life easier when hunting.. yet I scoff at guys sitting in heated blinds, using rangefinders, sitting over bait piles, etc. I guess at the end of the day, whatever gets you afield and hunting legally go for it. Personally I like to work at it and suffer a little
  3. I think the turbohawk is a cast riser version of the alphamax, more or less. I shot and loved the alphamax and hoyt makes probably the best engineered bows (thats what an engineer told me once anyway). I don't think you can go wrong with either one. The draw cycle is radically different on the two bows though. Do you really find them equivalent??? The PSE is a hard draw initially whereas the Hoyt has softer cams and an easier draw. For a hunting bow I much prefer soft cams.
  4. Trail mix, PBJ, granola bars repackaged into ziploc bags. I eat constantly which is funny because I really don't eat much in 'real life'. I read quite a bit in the stand and probably 'absentmindedly' eat. Apples are a classic fall snack too. Hope they don't consider my cores bait!
  5. I've hunted this land for many years. I'll say that its a long dang walk uphill from parking to hunting area and few guys are going to lug all their [PoorWordUsage] 1 mile to hunt. Then consider how steep the hills are there (believe me I can tell you about it) and how much work it would be to drop a deer and drag it all the way back... You can catch my drift I hope. Personally, I'd find an easier property to hunt
  6. Anyone else coming up empty this year? 2009 has been a bust so far for me, though I've seen my fair share of deer and passed on several small bucks. For whatever reason, I've been unable to get a kill opportunity on a doe. I've hunted a metro hunt, public land, and 3 private lands in areas ranging from central MN to SE MN without luck. Highlight of the year for me was being able to guide my 17yr old brother in law to shooting his first deer (rifle) from a ground blind at extremely close range. The excitement on his face is something I won't soon forget and I am sure I have created a hunter for life. Good news is that there are still a few weeks left to go. I noticed this year that I haven't been hunting as smart as I used to - due to many time pressures I often take the easy stand or I didn't put time in scouting this year like I should have. From what I'm hearing I'm not alone in my frustration. Can't complain too much as I had a really good run from 2006-2008 and this year just didn't have it.
  7. WaitForIt

    Bow hunting

    If you don't get a little unhinged you aren't doing it right. You need a guy like me to come along with you and talk you down, maybe shoot some video.
  8. Good to see that you guys 'get it' with regards to culling. My point (I'll repost pics later) is that you can't tell ANYTHING by looking at a 1.5 or 2.5 year old deer. By and large, give them time and they will get respectable. A 6.5 yr buck is a trophy no matter what size or how odd the antlers are - that is a true survivor among deer and you have to be a heck of a hunter or very lucky to take a buck (or doe for that matter) of that age.
  9. Still have my email? I can give you a few tips.
  10. I see people talking from time to time about whether a certain substandard buck should be culled from the herd. Of course, its been well established that you CANNOT influence genetics in a free ranging herd anyway, but lets put that aside for a sec. Look what happens to this 'cull' buck: [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Makes you think
  11. Had something odd happen to me yesterday. Two does came in before dusk, came up the hill to within 10 yards. I bleated at the lead doe. She stopped behind a 6-8" diameter tree. I could see the tip of her nose on the other side of the tree. I lined up the shot, picked a spot on her body about 1/2 way up from the belly and let fly. The arrow hit where intended, and the deer ran up and back down the hill. I waited about 10 minutes because it was getting dark. I wanted to mark the trail so I could get a feel for exactly where it was going. I immediately found the blood-soaked arrow - smelled it, no odor. Red blood, a few bubbles. The blood trail was very sparse. Was able to follow for about 100-150 yards, with minimal blood. A great buddy of mine dropped what he was doing to come help track - we flagged a few spots and backed out. Of course, it snowed overnight and removed all traces of the sign. I started at the last known blood and looked high and low for the body - 3.5 hours this morning and over an hour last night. No dice. My question is - where can you shoot a deer and get a passthrough with nothing but blood on the arrow and yet not have a good blood trail? In thinking it over it obviously wasn't as good of a shot as I remember - but I cannot think of how I could have shot the deer to get a good passthrough and yet a terrible blood trail.
  12. I shot my first bird this year. I field dressed and plucked it. Plucking is not as hard as it sounds, toss the bird into a tub of hot water and start yankin. Took about 1/2 hour. I like to prepare it traditional thanksgiving turkey style, so I went with the plucking. One thing that shocked me was just how DIRTY they are - you should have seen the water in the sink. If you have a missus don't let her in on it
  13. I feel for you - I bet I know exactly where you are hunting and I agree with everything you said. I hunt in a similar place (probably the same place) and my sightings have plummeted recently. It is 100% possible to take deer in such a situation and I'll give you a tip to help you out - don't hunt where they want to be, hunt as close as possible to where they are in that situation. With that kind of pressure, they will not show face until dusk - so you better get out of the food supply and onto the trail near bedding. Also, people are lazy and won't walk into the thick stuff thats more than 1/4 mile from their car.
  14. Cmon guys I'm just making a joke I bet he sneaks out a day or two - you'll see him back on here with pics in no time.
  15. Time to reclaim your man pants I think. No project would keep me out of the October woods! (I suppose I should have my wife read this now).
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