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  1. I think it would be fun to just guess when we might get first ice. lets go with,"lake of the woods" whats your guess? I'm going with Dec 13th. Whats your guess???????
  2. ZOOM

    Bad medicine again!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah stay away fromt the lightning thats for sure. You should give it another chance. I know that bad Medicine is known for its trout but the Walleye fishing there is great to from what I hear. I personally did not fish for walleye when we were there but I guess it can be really good. I'm not sure what it is about that lake but I really enjoy it there.
  3. ZOOM

    Bad medicine again!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well its been about a year since my last post about B.M. and I'll tell you, what a year makes. I was just down there last week and we stayed for 4 day's. The fish were there in full force. I LOVE that lake.Not so much for the fishing but for the lake itself. pretty,pretty,pretty. If there wasn't a fish in the lake it would still be worth the trip.Caught a few nice trout and had a few great meals. no trophys but its all good all the way. just my .02 on this lake.Anybody else have an opinion on this lake?
  4. Is this the lake with all the nest's out on the island that are visable from 15? I call it a Rookery. Not sure of the spelling but I beleieve I have been by there before. Its a shame if it is. I always enjoy that part of my drive as its always been a sight to see so to speak. hopefully this is an isolateded thing. What can anyone do in such a case?
  5. ZOOM

    Why can't I get up?

    your a Lucky one, My boss took a pole earlier this year and asked if the people at our company would rather work 5 8hour days or 4 10 hour days to help save on gas.It really doesnt matter to me since I live close to work and I do the same amount of work no matter what each week. I voted HECK Yeah bring on the fishing. I guess I was out numbered since were still working 5 8's. I agree its so much easier to get out of bed to fish or hunt rather than work. I like my job but I love to fish and hunt.Guess getting up is the difference between loveing and only likeing somthing.
  6. I figured you would have big enough shoulders to take a little ribbing, lol. I guess this was kind of a stupid post I just wanted to see what everyones opinion was on the subject. You make a valid point duff.
  7. Don' be that way. I'm not worked up by any means. I just don't like cheap people. I know people on wellfare that are just as well off as I am and the only reason there on it is that its free. I know this guy and he's the same type. Its not a matter of being worked up,its a matter of right and wrong. sorry to ruffel your feathers duffman. I get worked up when I ask a question and get that kind of feedback. I could care less if this guy is getting away with something, but I think its not right. Its the idea of the whole thing. Thats all. Charge your battery at home. not on someone elses dime.I know now that he is chargeing his Battery's on company time just to save money. I told him today that it costs more to tow his boat to work then it cost to just charge his bat at home. He seems to think not. I just wanted to know what every one else thought about this guy.I could care less what this guy is doing. I really dont care if he is charging his bat at work or not. I just thought it odd that he brings his boat to work to charge his trolling motor battery. I charge mine at home and I'd be willing to bet that most everyone else charges theres at home as well.Its not a big deal at all.As to your remark DUFF, keeping your car engine block warm on a -20 deg day and charging your trolling motor bat are 2 way different things ,think about it.
  8. [quote name='kg2 If the guy does this continually it is obvious that he is cheap and stealing electricity. If not' date=' he probably just wanted to borrow a little juice because he was out before work! [/quote'] Thats what I mean. I see him do it all the time. He had the boat plugged in today as a matter of fact. I had to ask him why he doesnt charge it at home instead of work and again he smiled then said "why buy the cow when I get the milk for free". HE IS A CHEAP [email protected]##$% I was right. LOL oh well to each his own. I just wanted to get your guys opinion on it. I'm sure if the Manager sees him with it plugged in, he won't say anything anyway, so its no big deal. I just hate it when people are cheap. thats all.
  9. No I'm not worried about it.Its not like I would rat the guy out to the big cheese on the top floor or anything. I'm sure its not a noticeable cost to the company or anything.I just thought it was odd that he didnt charge his bat's at home. The way it sounds from him he doesn't fish much after work. Of course thats what he says???????? Maybe he's trying to hide a bigger secret. Oh, and the plot thickins......... LOL
  10. Alright now I've seen it all. Theres this guy that works where I do and I noticed that alot of the time this summer he brings his boat to work with him. When he does bring it he usually parks on the far side of the parking lot away from most of the other cars.I thaught he parked back there to stay out of the way of the other cars and to make it easier to get in and out of the parking lot. One day while on a brake I walked out and took a look at his boat. The cover was on but I noticed an extention cord running from an outlet (used in the winter to plug cars in) to his boat. I pondered on this for a bit and later I asked him about it. He said he was chargeing his trolling motor battiers with an on board charger. I just kind of laughed at the time but then I got to thinking about it. That seems pretty cheap to me. I mean it has to cost him about the seem in gas to tow his boat to work as it would to just charge the bat's at home.Anyone have any idea what it would cost in electicity to charge two bat? I dont know what do you guys think?
  11. ZOOM

    Older motor problems

    I'm sure you already tried this but just make sure the gas line is plugged in all the way. I got stranded one time out on a lake and had to be pulled back to shore. Once there I checked things out a little better and the darn hose was unplugged just enough to suck air and the motor would only idle not rev up. I pushed the hose in all the way and off we went not a problem.
  12. Yeah I got out last night and with that big old moon up there It was hard to leave the lake by 12:30am. work comes early though so I had to. I Caught 1 small walleye and tons of rock bass and a few crappie.I didnt bring any fish home but it was fun and I'm glad I went. You guys sure know how to get a guy pumped up for fishing LOL. I think I might be haveing a relaps of (cfd). Thats one disease I dont want a cure for.
  13. alright you guys talked me into it. I'm headin out tonight. I guess all I needed was a little pep talk. Thanks guys. O and my wife says thanks as well. I think she wants me out of the house.
  14. ZOOM

    New to walleyes

    I've had some fairly good luck lately casting crank baits in shallow (3-4 fow)then pulling them back out slowly to 12-15 feet of water. I've been doing this all after dark. not having much luck during the day light hours right now. I am by no means a walleye expert. just one thing you could try. my best luck has been on a blue and silver Rap. Most of the fish I been catching bite almost right after I start to retreive the lure so be ready right away.Good luck in your fishing.