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  1. I made my first batch of fresh brats a few weeks ago. Used pork shoulder butt and Curley's brat seasoning. Turned out great.
  2. Dollar days Mackenthuns Waconia Wed and Thurs only (today and tomorrow): Pork Shoulder Boston Butt $1.00 / Lb. 7 to 8 lbs each. Limit 4
  3. Always have used dehydrator. I use a blend of 3 Nesco seasonings: 1 part regular, 1 part hot & spicy, and 1 part cracked pepper & garlic. It is fantastic.
  4. I have an old small cast iron enterprise stuffer, but need more capacity for the bigger projects. If I could find one of the larger horizontal cast iron stuffers I'd jump on it. The Cabelas new black model is a little stronger than the green. It did very well on summer sausage, bologna, & brats. But if you do a lot of weiners or pepper sticks (small tube) it's not going to hold up much better than the green. We followed the directions, sprayed Pam on the inside of the cylinder, extra water in the mix....but 175 lbs of weiners and pepper sticks was too much for it.
  5. When I was a kid, we fried our gills scaled and whole in a cast iron fry pan using just salt and pepper. Fried them in lard and butter on a wood fired outside cooker. Nothing better.
  6. I'm looking for recommendations for a top quality durable sausage stuffer. I've had the Cabela's 20 lb. "commercial grade' stuffers (both the green and the new black models) and after 3 failures in 5 years, I need to find something else. Cabelas is good at standing behind the product and replacing it, but little good that is when you're broke down in the middle of 200 lbs of sausage and it's 10:00 in the evening. Appreciate your suggestions.
  7. Dirtking....do you have the 7" or 8"? I am thinking to go with the 8".
  8. Thanks to all....good to hear and always good to have some positive feedback before trying something new. Carry most of my stuff in the back of my Blazer and never wanted the gas mess and smell...this should be the answer.
  9. Thanks TS. I plan to pick it up today or tomorrow and use it this week. Heading to Mille Lacs Thurs - Sunday....I'll let you know how things go.
  10. Looking at this auger and wondering if anyone that has one of the new ones with the battery would like to share their opinion. I hear they are good for about 20 holes per charge. That's enough for me...but interested to hear some first hand experiences with it.
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